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The Golden Dragon (Mixed Dream)
This happend 2 years ago, but is so vivid.
A might earth quake destroyed an basket ball stadium, after the wake i helped all those who had survived out through a beam in the center of the court. At the top we came out of a hole into a school type yard.
As we stagger away me and a lady notice a old lady with strange black hair with six different bone knives, all different in shape and blade type.
She said, "Ah well come, i am one who wonders the halls of time and space in search of those worthy. Please let me have a look at you both. Humm hear hold this", once i recive a bone knife a strage harry potter moment with wand occured. The same happend with the lady.
"You both are two unique indivduals, those knives you hold are keys to become a leader of a type of dragon. But the cost will be with you lives."
To me she turned,"I am surprise, no one has every been worthy to hold this knife. You hold the Golden Dragon knife.", "You my love, you had the bone to the white dragons".
"Now you must fight up there", and she pointed to a obstical course.
We reluctlantly fought and as we did we turned in to small dragons and fough a furius battel.
We both ened up dead, and then I wake up in a place of gloden light with a might gloden dragon, "You have been chosen, there are few too few of us left. You are our only hope"
Over time i become a golden dragon ten time more powerful and twice the size.

I know i am a terrible speller and it's quite long, but it's what happend.
What dose this mean?
Dream Symbols from our Dream Dictionary:basket ball | black hair | blade type | dragon | dragons | earth quake | ened | golden dragon | harry potter | knives

Dream Dictionary Type: Mixed dream
Dream Posted on: 04/16/09
Dream Interpretations: 1 dream interpretation
Dream Rating: 5.00
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Posted on August 23rd, 2010:
Hey, as much as I wish I could interpret this dream fro you I can't, can't even do it for myself.

I had this same dream just a few nights ago but figured I was just having some over night strange harry potter mixed dream.
Except my version of this is a bit different and I don't remember all of it exactly. But there was a lot of emerald green involved and there was a boy, up high away from me but I could see him clearly he was holding a knife with a golden dragon but apart from that there were random real life dragons just roaming and I'm not sure if I saw them fighting so I don't want to say I did. There were other strange things as well but I don't want to make this any long just figure I'd mention you're not the only one having Golden Dragon dreams. Anyways take care hope you find out what it all means.
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