Winning Money And Close Friends/family Asking For It. And A Cheetah Guarding A Baby. | Money, Cheetah Dream Interpretations

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Sorry this is long...But I remember a lot and I'm trying to get it all out, not leaving out any important details....

What I remember is that I was in a big and somewhat dim room...kinda like a bar scene how the lighting would be...and there were a lot of people there. Maybe there was a party or celebration for something. I feel like maybe it was a bar and there was a small stage up front? Anyway it was annouced by someone (male voice) in the front from the stage area that I won some money. Everyone was clapping and cheering for me. I collected my prize and it was a big ziploc freezer bag filled with coins. They were big coins, like the size of a flattened golf ball or half dollars. They were somewhat silver, maybe white gold? And there were maybe 2-3 bills in the bag as well. I dont remember the exact amount. People started saying that now I would have the money to help them with their problems. I remember feeling like I wanted to help everyone but the amount of money I won would not be enough to support everyone and their problems along with my own expenses. I also remember saying that I couldnt do it because I had my own family and son to take care of and that if I spent all my money on all these people's problems I wouldnt have anything for me and my son. My main focus was on my son. People were still trying to pressure me left and right. It felt like the room was getting tight with so many people crowding around me. I wasn't anxious though. I just felt a little guilty for not being able to help them and choosing myself and son over them. There was even a point when someone said something that they needed gas money to get home. I said something along the lines that I wouldnt be able to satisfy everyone without leaving someone else out. And that $2 per person would not get them home and that would be the only amount I would be able to hand out that night. I think there were roughly 30-50 people. Someone then said to me "oh well now you can fill up your own gas to go see your mom" and it was said in the most sarcastic tone. I didnt understand what they meant by this but in real life I DO have some issues with my mom and she victimizes herself to her friends making me seem like the bad guy so they usually give me crap about it...

Anyway, I had enough of the party and left with my boyfriend, who I intended on sharing my winnings with...When I opened the door to leave I saw that we were in an apartment the whole time because there was a hallway with other doors and an elevator right outside the party. We werent in the end of the hall, but rather in the middle because we were pretty close to the elevators. I could see that to my left the hall continued around a bend but I couldnt see what else was beyond it from the doorway. Somehow my boyfriend got to the elevator and went down without me. As I'm walking towards the elevator I remember still thinking how ridiculous it was that people were calling me selfish when they were almost choking me with their demands....and I turn to my left and see that there is a cheetah sitting around the corner of the hall. Maybe 30 ft away...and I got the feeling that it was female? I was freaked out because the door had closed behind me and now I was stuck in the hall between the door to go back or go down the elevator. I chose the elevator and got in, I was surprised to see that the cheetah wasn't coming after me. It definitely saw me. It was curious as to what I was doing. I saw that it lifted its head a little because it couldnt see what I was doing. I then realize that it didn't come after me because it was standing guard protecting something. At first I got the feeling it was it's cubs but then I looked again and it was a baby. I remember seeing its little legs kicking around. I see all this while still in the eleavtor. Although the cheetah wasnt coming after me I wanted to be safe and get down stairs and get help. I even pressed the wrong button on the elevatpr making the alarm go off and I really thought that would set the cheetah after me...but it never came. I finally got the elevator closed and got down to the lobby where I saw my boyfriend. I was upset that he left me alone up there and asked him if he saw the cheetah. I dont remember if he did, but if he did it wasnt much of an importance or he wasnt as scared as me. Or he didnt see it at all. So while we're in the lobby I remember thinking that this building we were in was really nice. Pretty luxurious place...At one point I didnt know if it was an apartment building or a fancy hotel... Apparently there was a veterinary office in the lobby and I ran to it and banged on the glass where I see a female vet with some kittens? or bunnies? she looks up at me and cant hear me through the glass so I tried to mouth that there was a cheetah upstairs on one of the floors...she still didnt get what I said. So I put my hands on my head signifying cat ears and ran my fingers from my eyes down to my chin; signifying cheetah facial lines. Still nothing. But somehow my boyfriend gets insinde the place and I hear him yelling to them that we needed their help; that there was a baby upstairs with the cheetah roaming free in the halls. I remember feeling like he tried to steal my spotlight but then realized it wasnt important because now we got the help we needed... as people left the office to go investigate...

Then I woke up....

*oh yeah while in the lobby, I remember seeing a lot of greenery and plants in pots everywhere. Most of the furniture was wood. Like dark, mahogony..

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Dream Posted on: 11/22/10
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