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My Nightmare (Monsters, Apocalypse Dream)
The bad dream i had, bit fuzzy.
the first part i could remember was being in a dark room, my family were there, the room was run-down and not very nice at all. It goes from me being alone to my family being there, i was by myself, i had a big teddybear. Then i heard people screaming, alot of them, they ran past the place me and my family were hiding. There was a slight arguement, we didnt know whether to run with them or stay where we were. So suddenly we grabbed our stuff and headed out, people were screaming and running everywhere, i had my teddybear. I turned and saw what was following the people, why we were all hiding. (This is the strange thing, you know the games Silent Hill? I love them, the monsters, and everything the idea, but here i was having a nightmare about it) It was bright outside and i could see them trudging along the road, they were those armless monsters from silent hill, the ones that could spray that black stuff from their chest. we packed our stuff into a car and got in, mom was driving, we set off... i cant remember what happened next, but i was awake, my family gone, in a bright room. There was a man, i think he was a doctor, he came in and said that everything is fine and im safe, he handed me a cane, like a walking stick, and left. few minutes later i discovered that the top could come off and there was a knife inside it. The doctor came back, panicked, he told me to follow him, i did so. i saw it in the corner of my eye, another of the armless monsters, it didnt notice me though, something obviously scared this guy, but its not the monster i saw, it was something bigger. i felt surprise and fear when i saw it, it was like a big snake/catterpiller with a human torso and head, it saw us, we ran, it was fast and appeared at any corridor (oh yeh, this was in a hospital) we lost it for a moment, we saw a door, the man said to follow him.
He ran into the door and ran up the stairs, i followed him, but as i approched the door, i saw myself, right there, but i ran down the corridor, not where the man was. me, being the real me, i ran to the stairs, i heard the doctor scream, i backed out of the door, but the snake monster was there, i was done. everything gone the last thing i saw were the unknown bright streets, and those armless monsters shuffling around.
Dream Symbols from our Dream Dictionary:apocalypse | arguement | bad dream | big snake | catterpiller | corner of my eye | fear | few minutes | games | having a nightmare

Dream Dictionary Type: Monsters, Apocalypse dream
Dream Posted on: 11/30/12
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