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There are three dreams i remember this time.
The first one was a strange dream where i saw this movie actor Antonio Banderas, he was inside this cave or tunnel that was going downwards like a curve (if you see yourself inside of a torus, it was just like that) and it went in different directions, i could remember the tunnel was brownish inside not flat but with stones in their walls or mold, also sometimes i could sometimes see stairs on the ground which looked very mystic. the actor was chained to one foot and sometimes he was dragged more and more deeply into the tunnel, it got darker and darker as he was pushed down, i was thinking that it was a ugly monster in the bottom of the tunnel (i could not see the monster i could only feel it) and as he was pushed more and faster down, he tried to crawl up but he couldnt, and then suddenly he was pushed so fast i couldnt see him anymore, i could just hear the monster (almost like when a pig blows air in his snout) and i hear the actor was screaming loud but only in my ears he was so distant. then i woke up because i was scared the actor was hurt or eaten up or something.

the other dream the same night i was in a strange room with my cuisine and a lion, there was one open window there, i remember i was afraid of the lion, i think my cuisine was afraid of it too. so i pushed my cuisine out of the window and she fell on the ground i was sorry but i had too because of the lion but i remember i was taking her hand and we was flying and i turned around to see the window i just remember it was dark, i dont remember if the lion was still there, anyway we where safe and i said to her look we can fly she hold my hand, i remember we was naked to. but now we where outside of the house i lived in when i was younger, that was really strange.

the third dream was very short, it was one of my buddies, he was lighting a candle, and i was going to light it because i thought he must burn himself, but he took this strange long lightthing (can remember the name) and he pushed the button and there was gas all around his hand and it started to burn on his hand, he didnt say anything so i thought he was fine but i could see it and it didnt look good.
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Dream Posted on: 07/23/10
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Posted on August 24th, 2010:
Interpreting the first dream is completely dependent on what Antonia Banderas represents to you as a personality trait in yourself. What is the one thing that stands out most about him? A memory you have of him, or a personality trait he has.

Whatever he represents is a part of you that is confined (chained) to some negative thought, feeling, or behavior pattern you have while you are looking at or experiencing in your life some of your coldest darkest parts of your mind (cave). The tunnel being brownish is probably a symbol for desire. Light brown or copper is symbolic of desire.

Antonia goes deeper and deeper into the tunnel to symbolize what he represents to you going deeper and deeper into the recesses of your mind, or even possibly in your waking life. It gets more difficult for Antonia as a symbol for you mentally or emotionally facing increasing difficulty as your problem worsens.

The monster is your negativity. It's a problem you have. If it sounded like a pig it may be a symbol for selfishness. Something you think that is totally preoccupied with your own pleasure. If not then it's definitely a symbol for a problem you have.

If Antonia was hurt by the monster then it means this part of your personality was harmed by this negativity you have. It attacks this part of you keeping it from flourishing in your life.

The whole dream is about facing negativity in your life, and giving in to it or allowing it to keep you down in some way. Whatever the monster represents it's something that is powerful.


The second dream is a message about controlling other people. Lions are symbols for controlling other people because they are Kings of the Jungle. Your cousin is then either the person you are trying to control or she represents a symbol for another aspect of your personality. Like Antonia Bendaras you need to spend time figuring out what she means by thinking about what stands out most about her to you.


The third dream is again using your friend to represent some aspect of yourself that wants enlightenment. He burns his hand to symbolize failure at this attempt to enlighten yourself in a genuine way. Either he represents a character flaw you have that doesn't want this enlightenment in a pure way, or the whole dream is just saying you went about finding enlightenment regarding some issue you have in the wrong way.

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