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Blue Midget (Monsters Dream)
In my dream I am about 8 years old. I am on a picnic with my church and my Uncle takes me and a few of the other kids for a hike. Because its raining and I don't like water on my face I look down, I see some fluffy stuff that kind of looks like the stuff that falls off a certain type of tree and then we see a half rotten dead crow that looks like it has bites taken out of it on the ground. My Uncle tells us to keep thinking "I know your here, I know your here, i know your here" so that "he" doesn't get us. Then we walk along a thin trail right next to a cliff, right behind a waterfall. We see a little hut about three feet high and two feet wide. Then i see him and I wake up. He's really scary. He's a short blue guy with dark hair. He looks sort of like a corpse, but he isn't really. He has one eye that only looks up and its bigger than the other one. Its about the size of my fist.(I have relativly small hands) He can control your mind if you don't keep thinking"I know your here, I know your here" and kills you. Then he eats you, after you've died, which is what he did to the crow. I don't know what the fluffy stuff has to do with him, but I know that it does, because its allways there. I've been having this dream every six months or so, since I was about 9 or 10. It scares me really badly.
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Dream Dictionary Type: monsters dream
Dream Posted on: 06/16/10
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Posted on June 16th, 2010:
The fact that it repeats means that the dream is an urgent alarm from your deep psyche. It is on the order of a nightmare, so take notice.

The little man is a part of you which has been made into a monster. The fact that he is shrunken and midget sized is an indication that he represents a potential within you that you can't bring yourself to explore. Dwarfs or midgets in dreams frequently indicate a split off potential or talent that you don't recognize that was perhaps split off and repressed as a child. Perhaps it is because someone when you were young made you"eat crow" and so humiliated you that you suppressed a talent or wish and locked it away whre you won't feel the emotional pain of the experience. For example, maybe you tried singing for others and were criticized or humiliated by your audience, so you decided never to sing again. That sort of thing.

But that part of you wants out. It is not a bad part but only a repressed and exiled part of you who is perhaps angry about being denied for so long. I speculate that the "large eye" that "looks up" is really your "I"...your true self or ego...which has asperations to become you again and help you make better choices in your life. He is "looking up" from the subconscious mind towards your conscious mind, so to speak.

You feel a fear that he will kill you and eat you. But that is a childs fear of a traumatic memory that if it comes up will be painful and self denying. This aspect might "eat you up" and kill you. But "death" is often a metaphor for a transforming experience. It isn't a literal death, but a transformation in your personality and your life that is being raised here as a possibility for you.

Remember, in dreams in which a fierce animal attacks you, you should allow the animal to eat you. That way, you gain the powers of the animal. Here, if this dwarf "eats you", you become him and you gain back the repressed potential/talent/power he represents. You gain power and ability.

Hope this helps!
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