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the dream starts out somehow but the closest i can get to it is when i am in a large clearing with many weapons and people wit weapons. then some people start digging a doorway out of a dirt wall which reveals a huge stone doorway and the only thing you see is complete darkness and then red eyes and a massive creature comes out and everyone starts attacking and i start running to another hill and i start ziplining over hills until i get to the top o the cliff the creature is on and jump down and kill it with a machete to the head. then me and the rest of the party that has not been disintegrated go to a very very large house where we start seeing people like family but not actuall family just people in your subconcioss mind that you can just tell this is his family and friends and even strangers partying and then we start partying and i don't know how much time passed but then a fast slightly smaller creature comes to the house and the people make it to the panic room and hide but some people were turned to ice and every thing he touched was ice then he went away and people started getting weapons and then i would guess a day passed and everyone relaxed and i went outside and saw a army of of all different creatures that looked like the second one but had fire on them and they were led by a woman that looked like medusa from greek mythology and they attacked the house and disintegrated everyone and then i jumped into a pool and with this woman stayed in it till one of the creatures came over and shrank to little boy and talked to the woman and i forgot the conversation but i knew somehow this little boy forgave the mother for his death and told everyone else to leave us alone and then we went to the front of the house and met other people including this girl who told us a story about how a native man killed her father because she ruined a worm while they were fishing and i knew i liked this girl and we went inside with all the survivors and settled in and cleared all the ice and somehow we knew the creatures were gone and while i was talking its like i heard my own voice narrating about we would come back from this and how we have been forgiven.
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Dream Posted on: 12/19/12
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