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Lucifer And The Device (Monsters Dream)
Last night i dreamt the at i was walking in my neighborhood late at night in the darkness when i passed a woman who was talking on her cell phone and the people on the other end were speaking so loudly i could hear them as i passed, it was like multiple voices saying crazy and awful things and at the same time, kind of like a cartoon with boings and sprong noises, i slowed to secretly listen as the woman sounded confused, the person ( people?) on the other end claimed to be evil and had shrill laughter. At this point I didn't want to have anything to do with it so I started walking again faster then before, eager to return to the safety of my home. I suddenly passed a large plastic container, like a briefcase, my curiosity got the best of me so i opened it up and inside was a bunch of protective foam and a small handheld device… its hard to describe… it was like a really chubby pen that was made out of stacked layers with a top layer protruding out farther then the others, it tapered down to a little nub like thing that was softer then the rest of the device and pressed in slightly when you touched it against something. I hovered it against the pavement first and a light projected onto the street, it was blue and created a swirling hole image onto the ground that looked very much like a black hole or a portal of some kind. This is where dream me got stupid, for whatever reason I decided to press it onto my leg, I did so and my thigh shrank! I got excited and did the same to the rest of my body and suddenly I was a thinner woman. Then I felt like I had done something wrong. I put the device away and turned to go home when suddenly in the street a very young, extremely attractive man just appeared out of nowhere, every instinct in my body and mind told me that this man was Lucifer, he seemed very sad and somber, and here is where i have to distinguish, i felt no evil from him, i was not afraid, i did not feel as though he was what we know as Satan or the Devil, the horned evil incarnate who rules the underworld that we come to pair with the name Lucifer, but a completely separate entity: The fallen angel that used to be a favorite of the gods but was kicked out of heaven and sent to earth as punishment. Sad and somber standing in front of me, now in the rain, still permeating the godlike radiance of his former heavenly life, he looked so sad, soo incredibly sad and he was so incredibly handsome and the feeling of otherworldliness and of power coming from him was very impressive. Suddenly we both transported to a strange room very small and with bars like a jail cell with a bunk bed type thing to sit on with lots of pillows but the bars were wide open and no one else was to be seen. We both sat cross legged across from each other and we chatted for a little while, I dont remember what we spoke about but I know it was nothing evil or deals of any kind and I dont feel as if it was anything negative, I just remember feeling kind of afraid because I knew I was speaking to Lucifer and was worried about somehow getting in trouble. And then.. i woke up. A little shaken up and wondering what it all means, any thoughts?
Dream Symbols from our Dream Dictionary:attractive man | black hole | boings | briefcase | cell phone | curiosity | darkness | device | devil | hole image

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Dream Posted on: 06/12/12
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