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I dream almost every night, so I have a active nightlife in dreams so much so at times its like a second life. The most frightening one which happens 4 times a year at least.. maybe more, so much so I have almost memorized most of it but it always ends with me waking up in panic or on purpose.

The dream always starts at my parents small hobby farm which I haven't lived there since I was 18 now Im 38. A bunch of secret people come to the house, and for some reason nobody notices them, since Im never alone in this dream, my mom and dad, brothers family all are there and usually whoever Ive been spending a lot of time with lately which changes dream to dream but usually everyone Im close too, but nobody notices these strange people, they are strange since Ive never seen them before, They dont talk, They have a task and just do it and ignore me and everything else, but they don't seem to be anybody official like police or government or men in black, just everyday people for some reason moving and setting up our house as a target for unknown reasons. The only reason I know this, is because Ive had this dream so many times, like I said maybe 4 times a year maybe more its always the same and always starts this way, that I automatically start trying to detour these people since I know what happens next. So Ive tried to slow and stop them but there is too many of them.

When I first had this dream I just played along with the story let these people do there thing and wait to see what happened next, but I don't know about the rest of you but like experiences in life, I learn from each one and hopelessly try to prepare and prevent the coming events of this dream ive had many times before, although in this one it never helps and always ends the same. I think the natural human response is to prevent the problem rather then watch it repeat. So I have tried to stop and get these people to leave before they set our house up as a target. They never talk to me, never say a word just do there business and ignore me no matter how much I interfere. Its always the same they mark the windows with blood from a dead animal they hang in the garden from a pole or clothesline near the garden, I think its a rabbit, but could be a similar 4 legged animal maybe a cat, Its too gross to care what it is, but for some reason its important like our house is marked by this dead animal. So now I bury that animal as soon as I see it in the garden so its no longer visible and hidden. But usually by the time all these people drive off I can't clean all the windows of the blood stains and maybe there is more I haven't discovered in the many times I have this dream that I miss that they may have marked without me knowing, its a frantic race to keep up with what 15 or 20 people are doing from the 5 cars throughout the property all I have noticed so far is the blood on the window like a thumbprint smear and the dead animal. Usually Im trying to convince my family to get out of the house and leave and run away our house is marked now and time is short, they never understand until the ground shakes like a earthquake of footsteps I realize there is no more time.

It isn't until the shaking and noise like a tornado tearing walls down and fire of the 2 houses coming up the street that my family starts to panic and look for places to hide. the first few times I was just in as much in shock as them at the noise and fire and destruction like a tornado. I had to run to a window to see what it was. The more times Ive had this dream, I don't even want to see them anymore or look at them and try not to see them in fear if I see them they see me. I know from past dreams if one of them see's me seeing him it speeds the dream and they come directly for me. The only way I can describe these monsters is Large, 4 stories tall they have to bend over to look in the second floor of our split level house. Huge Eyes, biological eyes, not mechanical, they are living creatures not robots, but are on fire, all there skin is burning and not visible like living fireballs with arms and legs and as big as a Tripod or as big as the War of The World robots. Or as big as the monster called a "LEVIATHAN" in resistance 2 in chicago, the footsteps and destruction is very similar, But Ive had this dream since the early 90's way before that game ever existed. There size is large enough to grab a chunk of your house like grabbing a piece of cake with your hand. Since they are on fire everything they hit or grab instantly starts burning. In very little time they level everything. Most times I see three of them, sometimes more, but there is one that takes interest in me every time which is why I never look at them anymore if I can avoid it. The first few times ive had this dream I looked like everybody else did out the window. But I learned if I do that it takes only a few seconds for them to notice Im looking at them and then one of them gets really angry and stares right at me. One of them wants me or all of us more then the other 2 it shoves and burns its own aside so it can head to my house next.

Large thumping and everything falling off the walls, my family running in fear and me trying to find a spot far away from windows. My family yelling and panicking enrages this thing and I hear walls ripped off like ripping a cardboard box and fire, my family sometimes manages to get to the basement and out the house and sometimes depending how fast it notices me we all get massacred by flames and debris. Only earthquake people would relate to your house collapsing on itself and burning with you in it. The first few times the dream would end this quick. I have learned that besides trying to remove the marks and never looking out the window at them its not as severe and we can run and escape while they ravage the entire block with us and others on the run. But if I even look at one of them long enough for them to notice me, even if they are at a distance one of them will come special for me. So I avoid eye contact and try to guide as many people as far away as possible and hope they stay content destroying other houses until I can get to what I think would be safer. For some reason they have a problem with concrete, the 2 times I have stayed alive long enough to stay safe I got to a shopping mall underground parking lot and a parking ramp which even though they realized we are hiding there they leave alone almost like they can only destroy wood.

I have made it to these structures, but its so devastating to watch everything you know destroyed. Hiding the dead animal seems to make our house no more important then others, but in the end they destroy everybody's home and the entire town and even destroy the malls we hide in. Like nuclear war the devastation is everywhere, almost what you imagine what hell would be like, kinda like the movie "Constantine" depiction of hell, everything is on fire and the creatures doing the damage is all that is standing and they are aflame and most the people fleeing them are burning as they run. Sometimes this alone will wake me up. The hopelessness is so intense so much so many times I don't make it to safe ground by fear itself. I have learned how to wake up from any dream when I realize im in it. This one although I realize im in it, I have no time to think I need to wake up and have to act first. Another frightening part of this dream, its one of the few I have that I can wake up from and can fall back asleep just to return right where I left off. This bothers me the most almost like Im suppose to experience this to its fullest extent. Most dreams im confident if I wake up go to the bathroom fall back asleep I won't be back, this one there is a 50/50 chance I will return to the same spot of hiding from these monsters as when I woke up intentionally unless I die in the dream. 80% of the time I die by crushed walls or burned alive until I wake or crushed by there flaming hands like a walnut. Rarely in the last few years I make it to a hideout concrete area and hide while watching them destroy the town and hope they don't come here.

Sometimes this dream starts much more surreal at night before the strange people arrive there is frightening huge spaceships like in star wars like the Star Destroyers, not the small ships, the huge space station ships slowly flying across the sky, not 1, many of them and some hover for awhile and they all cast shadows larger then acre's of land. Sometimes this happens first other times the dream goes right to the strange people arriving at our house. But sometimes these ships are in the sky first, I try to ask my family when did this start happening? they all act like its always been happening and its no big deal. This part alone scares me awake sometimes, ships as big as a flying football field just isn't something I could get used to as normal everyday happenings. Shortly after seeing this is when the strange people arrive and begin marking the house and the sky changes to orange red and the ships are no longer a concern as the destruction starts to happen.

I hope nobody else is having a dream like this, for as long as I have and will continue to have it for reasons I have no idea why. Sometimes I think my conscious is trying to determine my will to live. Although I see inspirations from Star Wars, Video Games, BBC Tripods, War Of The Worlds, The Big Bomber Planes that flew low over my parents house as a child, many of these symbols are imprinted in my mind as eerie and ominous, the orange red sky I only see during summer pre a storm or after. Tornado's I have seen destroy homes like they were toys. These monsters are like nothing I have ever seen though anywhere, maybe similar to the lord of the rings fire monster that shall not pass. But ive had this dream long before Lord Of The Rings existed. I worry sometimes dreams are preparation for things to come, I certainly hope not, I don't want to lead people to safety or be the only one that see's the signs of its arrival everybody else thinks its a everyday occurrence. The scary part is I have accepted death in whatever form it arrives. I accept death, and I am ready to die like people who have cancer or a fatal illness, Im ready when this day arrives and wont fight it. Death doesn't scare me, but that sky, those space ships in the sky those monsters destroying everything and fire everywhere like the scary scene the child see's in the movie "Knowing" as he looks out the window. Ive already seen that in dreams, it was uncanny to see it in a movie years later. This scares me for the people left behind after I die. Just because Im ready doesn't mean I expect my family and friends to be ready when something happens to change everything in a moment notice. I don't understand why I keep having this dream over and over sure enough will again.

Just thought I would share, incase you don't dream you miss some frightening events like this, be thankful.
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Dream Dictionary Type: monsters dream
Dream Posted on: 11/14/12
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Posted on August 7th, 2013:
Only you can know what your dream really means, because good dream interpretation will take into account individual associations to important symbols that are unique to the dreamer. No one knows what exactly your associations to the symbols in your dream are. But you can reflect on the images in your dream, if you want to. You can learn more about how people past and present have related to, say Fire, as in the "fiery monsters". You have already seen an example of a fiery being in Lord of the Rings -- perhaps you can find other examples if you look for them.

If this were my dream, I would look at it as a metaphor for unresolved feelings/experiences in my life, not necessarily premonitions of what will actually occur. If this were my dream, my guess would be that the deeper me wants/needs to communicate with the conscious me in order to be heard, which is why my dream keeps recurring.

Possibly this viewpoint speaks to your comment " long as I have and will continue to have it (the dream) for reasons I have no idea why. Sometimes I think my conscious is trying to determine my will to live."

Is it possible that your dream rather than testing you, may be offering you some hope that you can understand and resolve the feelings of terror and hopeless that you mention -- which maybe appearing to your conscious mind as "monsters"?

Is it possible that "monsters", when reflected upon more closely, aren't quite what we think they are? Another question related to this might be: "When did I first start having this dream? What was happening then?"
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