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Strange Monster (Monsters Dream)
I had this dream this morning, and it was one of those occasional dreams that has a bit more clarity to it.

The dream starts out with me in my Aunt's house that she'd been living in for the past 30+ years (she is currently in the process of moving out). I'm in the bathroom washing my hands at the sink, when I look out the window and see fire sprouting out of nowhere. Something is on fire outside. I rush out of the bathroom and out of the house, shouting, "There's something on fire!" as I run out the front door. My younger sister of 18 is running behind me as I see multiple houses in the immediate vicinity burning.

My sister and I run to the right where this cul-de-sac of houses is down a slight slope. We're standing in the middle of the road when little balls of fire start raining down on us. I'm hopping around, trying to avoid the fire, and I can feel as it sometimes touches my legs or hands. The feeling is akin to a 'burning' sensation you'd feel from sticking cold hands under hot water.

I hear my sister yelling at me from a distance behind me, saying 'there's something in the tree.' I look, and there's this very tall figure sitting there, slightly merged with the tree, right where the main trunk ends and branches and limbs start sprouting off. He's not directly fused with the tree, it's like the tree is indented to fit his form.

This creature itself could be seen like it would be a very tall human, around 8-ft or so, around the 40s age, and slightly buff. The only thing that would immediately distinguish it from ever being mistaken for human would be its head. The face of a 40-year-old man with scruff on his face, not long enough to be considered a beard, is right where it would be on the head. His forehead, however, was elongated like Frankenstein's would be, but much longer and more cylindrical. Probably about a foot long. He had a very malicious smile that was downright creepy. His skin looked dirty and sweaty. I don't remember any kind of clothing he was wearing, but I know he wasn't directly naked.

There was this very long tree branch this creature was 'operating' that extended above me and about halfway across the street. It had been the source of the fire that had been flung every which way. My sister was trying to climb the tree.

There was something like a scene jump. The creature is kneeling in the driveway of a house that would be to the left of the cul-de-sac's entrance. I was standing there, but I can't quite remember what I was doing. My sister comes out of nowhere and jumps on the creature's back and wraps her arms around its neck as if to put it in a choker hold. The creature, being bigger and stronger, manages to grab her from its back. It flings her onto the concrete driveway head first, which I'm assuming killed her in the dream.

Terrified, I run into the house, and this is where I apparently live. I look through a nearby window the see the monster had somehow wrapped my sister's body in plastic. The plastic itself is shaped into a loose square rather than a 'human body' shape, and he carries it off. I don't know what he does with it.

I run into the kitchen and hide behind a counter. My older sister is sitting on the couch with her feet propped up by one of those pop-up leg rests. I hear my sister say, "That's the ugliest thing I've ever seen." I get the mental image of the monster standing behind our closed sliding glass door of the backyard. He has that malicious smile still on his face. The dream ends there and I wake up.
Dream Symbols from our Dream Dictionary:40s | beard | burning sensation | clarity | cold hands | cul de sac | dreams | fire | forehead

Dream Dictionary Type: monsters dream
Dream Posted on: 12/10/12
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