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The Blanket Of Darkness (Monsters Dream)
I've been having an odd dream . Well, to make it more accurate. It has been like a story of dreams. And in every story, they all seem to be linked some how. It has been going on for about 3-4 years. In each dream it is different yet the same. I keep being chased by some, blanket of darkness that tries to encase me. I've actually woken up in a cold sweat from it. The ones I remeber the clearest shall be posted in order.

It was night out and I had really wanted to go outside onto my swing set that I had as a child. I had an extremely bright lantern and I as I was walking into the back yard myself and everything seemed to glow. And as I walked down the dirt path around back, these white ghostly hands would try to reach out and grab me. When I had gotten to the swing set finally. I looked up and saw a pyramid in the field behind me and as I turned around. It looked as though the sky was daylight but had been broken with a piece missing. Kind of like glass as it showed a blackened void though the broken piece. Shortly after that I had woken up.

In the next dream I had already been out in my back yard. And in my dream I was wearing all white. It was an eerie dream that gives me the chills. It was dark all over and for some reason out of the peacefulness I heard loud sounds of bombs and the night sky had turned dark red and black. I ran to the front yard as I saw what looked like hurricanes. And all I could do was run. I kept running until I saw what looked to be a train station and quickly got onto it. And everything suddenly looked like something out of an old 1940's war movie. Everyone was dressed in old clothes including myself. And i huddled at one of the corners of the train as I heard people talking about a war going on. I woke up shortly afterwards scared out of my mind.

The last dream happened about two months after the two and it is the one I remember the most details to. I was in my old high school on the bench at the lunch room. I kept thinking about how, ugly I was. And how much I wished I had disappeared. When I looked up. I saw everyone was this black shadow. They're stares were so. Empty and hateful. I heard one of them calling my name saying the principal wished to see me. With out arguing I just got up and began to walk out the door. I felt so extremely heavy and when I turned around. Suddenly all of them were wolves and started to charge at me. All I could do was run. And I ran as fast as I could. I followed the arrows that were set out and found a rope like ladder. Like those ones on the play ground you would run up to. I climbed and climbed as high as I could. And when I reached the top. I saw what looked like a black smoke with a demonic face looking at me. I could hear the words. Choose they're fate. And When I looked around I saw my friends tied up in a doll house with what looked like wolves and some kind of human like monster was going at them. When I looked back and asked him to help them he told me I could either let them die. Or die trying to help them. With out a second thought I jumped towards the house. Trying to save my friends. And I did it. But, I was brought back outside of the house. And the smoke person was angry with me. And with that I was pushed out of this door and left in this black area. It was literally like a black veil was over me. Like, how when you hide under a blanket. Thats what it looked like. I started walked down the path that was left by the trees that were all on seperate sides. When I got deep enough everything was black. I felt around and I suddenly had a flash light. And when I turned it on I had a two doll arms and two doll legs. I told myself I needed to find the body and the head. When I had looked up I saw the shadowy figure of what looked like a wolf. I stayed quiet until I saw it leave. And with that. I ran, I ran as fast as I could and I saw the shadow coming for me. I ran and ran until I saw this light and of course I ran to it. And I had gotten into the light I looked back to see literally a wall of shadow with someones hand grabbing out at me. And suddenly I jumped. I jumped off where the light ended and saw this, cliff and this land scape that looked so familiar.

I hadn't had these dreams until about two months ago. And now I keep having dreams that I'm either being chased or I am being attacked by some demon. Does anyone know what these could mean? It would really help me sleep at night again.
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Posted on March 23rd, 2013:
Dear Dreamer, what is going on in your waking life that mirrors the challenges and opportunities in your dreams. Suggested readings: The Shadow Effect: Illuminating the Hidden Power of Your True Self [Paperback]
Deepak Chopra
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