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Zombie Attack (Monsters Dream)
I was working in a hospital when I got a feeling that something wrong was starting to happening but I don’t know what else warned me within the dream. One minute we were working and then you could hear the words of zombie floating through. A couple of my comrades and I took off running for the top of the hospital to a room that seem like a concrete hangar that was reached by two staircases.

We waited without word except for the occasional small hints of why another zombie attack (in a way it seemed that this was a sequel to a previous episode). With hearts beating we waited, scared, anxious and trying to figure out what we should do. And then the doors that blocked us from the rest of the hospital were burst loose as the zombie rabbles fell in upon us.

There was yelling and screaming as people pushed at each other then tried to push through the beasts as we fought to trip down the stairs in an escaping attempt. The very bottom floor was a rich and opulent affair, a lobby that seemed to stretch so far.

For a minute I was removed from the mass, a mere invisible witness to the charge and the events that overflowed. As I watched I noticed a somewhat young girl with a pink jacket with a microphone in her hand as she performed a small show on the stairs even as the desperate flood of humanity flowed down around her. Miley Cyrus seemed to float into my thoughts but I didn’t give it much thought as she took off running with two other young girls in pink jackets following right behind her.

Then I was back in the running, making it out and choking for the fresh air that seemed to flow into my lungs. My thoughts weren’t coherent as I struggle to figure out what to do. No one knew how this part of the zombie disease was spread; no one knew how far it had spread or where it had all conquered. And it seemed that we were all dispersing to make our own bid of survival.

I don’t know where she showed up but I was running with another young woman, she told me that she had the perfect hideout and so I followed her. We came to what seemed to be a concrete round that seemed to rise from the ground while she told me that if we held to the walls, we could make it to the bottom then out.

Clinging to the walls we had started to make the descend when there was the sound of snapping jaws as well as a furry wolf bounding up to attack us. We paused in a fear, barely holding onto the wall while there were cries to move back up, out of range. As I peered back down I noticed the mouth of the tunnel as a bright mouth with a mother wolf and pup staring back at the jumping wolf.

Making it out we looked at each other, unsure what to do or where to move for our escape was blocked. Just at this moment a beautiful woman slid out of the nearby bushes and gestured to us to follow her. Without a word we followed her steps as she led us back to town, through a sparse but comfortable house where Wiccan symbols stood out in bare contrast.

Our hostess continued to lead us out the backdoor and down the steps while there was the warmth reach of a pair of wolf tongues reaching out through the steps of the back flight to pet us. WE were then led to the edge of the cemetery that seemed to fall on the back of her property. Silently she picked her way through the headstones and then stopped us so we could see the spectacle that rested before us, the peril that had taken over our home and land.

We gazed at a sight in the distance of a pack of wolves feasting on five dead deer and elk while a six elk tumbled through the air to be set upon. As we looked, we noticed there was a giant wolf that filled the heavenly dome as it rested its head on its paws, watching its smaller pack members eating to its heart content.

Before we could ask any questions or seek where this beast might have come from, we heard the shrieks of the living and the groans of the dead. Up the pure white drive of the expansive headstone and stumbling over the dour rocky monuments people tripped in hastening fear to escape the zombies following after. We also took off running back to the houses while collecting other survivors as we went to scrabble onto the flat roof of a carport.

Once more the scene changed so I was out of it and witnessing yet another turn of another events. A wolf pup and a deer fawn had fled from the troubled woods, escaping the darkness of the land with their hearts full of yearning hope that they could become survivors as they made their way down the empty street.

Back at the carport, we faced over the empty yards to the next line of houses backing the neighborhood section that we were in. As we watched with our minimal supplies we saw three people seating on a lawn mower coming our way. We reached out hoping to bring them with us but instead they latched onto the adjacent carport just as a monster truck with a zombie in it rolled right behind them. Fortunately the truck grumbled off in another direction as I woke up.
Dream Symbols from our Dream Dictionary:beasts | comrades | flood | fresh air | hangar | hearts | lungs | microphone | miley cyrus

Dream Dictionary Type: monsters dream
Dream Posted on: 10/04/09
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