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Zombie Takeover (Monsters Dream)
This was the most detailed and plot driven dream I have ever experienced in my life. I can remember every detail still to this day.

Part I: Safe Haven
It was strange how my dream started out. I already knew the background story of what was happening. We were all trying to escape the zombies. But these weren't your average zombies. They were intelligent. They had strategy. They were organized. They were smart about infecting the human population. Those deemed worthy of infection were simply bitten and taken into the collective. Those who weren't worthy were simply seen as nourishment. They had always been among us in hiding, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. And when they did, all hell broke loose. Now a large group of survivors were headed to a safe haven. It was a church on top of the most beautiful hill you had ever seen. The sun was setting in the background. The hill was covered in lush long green grass and flowers and next to the hill was a beautiful stream of crystal clear water. All of my friends were saying that now we would be safe. But something hit me. I stopped in my tracks. I knew it was a trap. I begged people to stop and get away, but they wouldn't believe me. “Come on man!” One of the guys said, while giving a perplexed look at me. I was ignored and decided to head towards some trees to hide behind. As the sun went down, the hill was swarmed by hundreds of zombies and screams filled the chilled air.

Part II: The Wise Old Man
Some time passed apparently, because in the next scene I was wandering the suburbs and there was snow on the ground. I had been surviving on my own for quite awhile. Some things became clear at this point. Somehow, the zombies made sure that we had no easy means of escape. There were no cars in the streets. Nobody had cars. Was transportation forbidden? Or controlled? if so, does that mean our government had been infiltrated? As I pondered this, I looked over to a small house and see a man standing in the door. A man who looked like Morgan Freeman. He opened the door and invited me in. I can't remember exactly what we were talking about, but he ended up saying he was too old to make an escape and would give me the means to get out of here. The garage door opens, pouring in light into the dark garage and slowly revealing a red 1989 Chevrolet Camaro. Somehow, he had hid the car from the zombies. I peeled out into the street and drove off as fast as I could.

Part III: The Council of the Dead
The scene shifts again and suddenly we are overlooking a large cavern with enormous pillars holding up the roof. The cavern is decorated with gargoyles and torches. On the ground below were stairs that led into a large banquet room. Now we are looking at a large table full of undead overlords and generals talking about their take over. One such leader brings up the issue of me. How I have escaped time and time again. They have deemed me worthy of infection. But I am too smart for them so they talk about how to get me. A woman stands up at the table and says “I'll handle it” This woman happened to be one of my coworkers at the time and thought was pretty attractive.

Part IV: Seduction
The dead in my dream did not look healthy or attractive at all. They were pale as the moon with black eyes. If they were going to pull this off, they had to do a bit of a make over. The woman sits down in a beauty parlor chair and starts getting dolled up. They inject her with pigment and use airbrush paint to give her skin a healthier look. They do her hair and make up and she smirks in the mirror. In the next scene, she is rubbing up against me with her head rubbing against my neck. I am hesitant and feel something is wrong, but start giving in because I have been alone for so long. I still resist a bit, but can't deny that I need this. She slowly gets closer and closer to my neck. She kisses it a bit and then opens her mouth wide.

I wake up. I am just completely blown away at the dream I just had.
Dream Symbols from our Dream Dictionary:background story | cars | church | crystal clear water | flowers | green grass | hell | hill | human population | large group

Dream Dictionary Type: monsters dream
Dream Posted on: 04/18/10
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