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My Friend's Dream About Me (Mors, Insanity Dream)
I had been teaching my close friend how to lucid dream and one day he decided to tell me about a disturbing lucid dream he had. In the dream, I was sitting in pure darkness in a chair with a spotlight on me, and things were being whispered to me that he cannot remember, except one phrase, mors. I then got up out of the chair and walked over to where he was standing. He was behind a wall of glass, and he could not move. I began pressing up against the glass and rambling about how this is what I should be and what I deserve, and who I am. Then I began jumping around and twitching like a lunatic and reciting phrases. Upon further inspection and research we realized that all of the names and phrases I listed off had something to do with mors, which is also the Roman name for Thanatos, the god of death and Hades' lieutenant. All of the names were also Greek gods or goddesses, and the one phrase he could remember (It was in Latin) meant "I'm in hell". After I was done reciting these names I returned to the glass, my eyes went pitch black, and I said, "all I deserve is mors," and slit my throat. The glass then broke and I fell into his arms. My eyes remained black, and I whispered, "salvum me fac," which means save me in Latin, and he woke up from his lucid dream. I asked him if he could try to do it again the next night to see what happened, and he blatantly refused, claiming he didn't want that. But the next day he told me he had an accidental lucid dream since it had been coming quite easy to him lately. It was a continuation of the last dream, but not in chronological order. This time, he was in my body, seeing and feeling what I could. But he could see and hear things in my body that he could not when he was outside of the glass. This time, he could understand the whispers. They were all saying mors, and out of the shadow a skeletal figure appeared. It had many similar features to Thanatos, or mors, such as abnormally beautiful and indescribable EYES. My eyes had gone black when I said all I deserve is mors, and at about the same time he had these dreams I had a dream about my eyes where they were green, and sparkling, rotating with such indescribable beauty it was simply spectacular. But anyways, after he saw the figure floating towards him, I believe he said it whispered mors to him and retreated back into the darkness and he woke up once again with tears in his eyes. Every time I speak, think, or write about this I get teary eyed, myself, but it interests me so much. I also find it quite strange because almost all lucid dreams are positive since you're completely aware and it's not like a regular dream. He had control in all of his previous lucid dreams, but this time he had no control until the glass broke.
Dream Symbols from our Dream Dictionary:chronological order | continuation | darkness | fac | god of death | goddesses | hell | how to lucid dream | insanity

Dream Dictionary Type: Mors, insanity dream
Dream Posted on: 01/04/13
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