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I remember the setting to be somewhere in the 1700's mixed in with modern technology. The houses and people dress as if they lived in the 1700's and lived in the 1700's but their technology such as cooking supplies that produced electricity for heat.
I have no idea who I was at first, only that I was myself. I walked among the the streets when my eye catches a glimpse of animals. Not just any animals, it was a sell of dogs in cages. I believe there were also rodents but my main focus was with the dogs. When I inspected the closely they were skinny and looked depressed. I went up to a certain dog who had a longish wavy soft coat that was black but it eased into a beautiful light honey brown.
The dog despite its beauty seemed sad, its eyes seem to be glazed as if he were to cry.
Then the dog spoke to me. I was surprised that he had spoken, I asked him in utter shock "Y-you can talk?"
He replied in a matter of fact voice, "Of course I can talk,"
He then explained to me of the situation he was in and I magically knew that all the animals here were suffering a bitter life. I noticed he was very skinny as the rest of the dogs. I decided to go get some food, but I had no money. So I stole the food. It was not easy but I had some help from a friendly cat who showed me how to get food. The cat was a grey tabby that lead me to a street of many restaurants. There was a booth that sold popcorn and hot dogs. We went under the booth and stole some popcorn and grabbed hot dogs that fell to the ground. But as much food as I grabbed i strangely ended up with only a piece of beef jerky.
I took the beef jerky to the dog and apparently left the cat behind. I was sad for I only brought back a small amount of food for the suffering dog, I felt bad for the rest of the dogs also and they all stared with watering mouths at the meat in my hand that I gave it to the dog. But that is all I had.
I don't remember what happened next but I found myself with a partner (no not marriage, as a friend) who was a young man. I was angry that the animals were treated poorly and I was going to do something about it. I started to work at the pet shop in order to free the animals.
The man who was in charge was plump and had a big round nose. There was a small sand box on a largish table only it was full of flaming coals. On top of the flaming coals were six bags full of rodents and one bag had three kittens in them along with a few rats who were struggling to get out. The man in charge told me my job was to keep the animals in there. So I did, I don't know why but I did. But then the bag with the kittens caught fire and I freaked out and let the kittens go, sadly only two survived and the third was left dead along with all the rats that were with them.
The man in charge let them go because he was too lazy to chase them. And me and the boy who was my partner followed them to make sure they were safe. The two kittens were identical and were also a grey tabby.
Then all the sudden I am not with me partner or the cats but I somehow gain the knowledge that I was a thief because I stole food from restaurants for the ones in need. It also was night time with no moon in the sky and it seemed to be in modern time with the street lamps shining dim yellow light.
I don't remember very well but I think me and my partner from before decided to raid a Chinese restaurant that had a huge bright red lobster on the roof. We raided the place and we ran away.
I lost my partner but I knew I was not alone with police on my tail. I ran down the street with four motor cycles behind me with a brown car that might be a detective. I ran very fast turning corners and jumping fences. I lost them for awhile and during that time I just started to walk hoping to look natural. Apparently it worked for only a few minutes when they found me and inspected me but then they decided I was not the thief and moved on until they got a message that I was the thief causing the chase to continue.
I again tried to fool them with a disguise which worked for awhile but they soon caught on and I was once again running. I suddenly thought to myself "They don't call me de Atomo for no reason!" Though I had no idea what 'de atomo' means. I then gained speed and violently turned around causing the police to skid and roughly turn around. I was by then down the street and hiding in the bush's where I turned into a black cat.

I looked Atomo and it is a Spanish word for atom but I don't know what the 'de' means.
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Dream Posted on: 11/06/12
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