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The Nightmare Factory(TM) (Nightmares Dream)
This doesn't need interpretation, I just thought I'd share this with people. It's quite long, as it's in six parts, so bear with me.

The Nightmare Factory:

1) You Are Nonexistent.

2) The Teacup Room

3) Scream Beasts

4) Therifriends

5) Matt’s Nightmare House

6) Back to the Drawing Board

You Are Nonexistent:

It was early morning, about 7:00 am. I was walking to school like normal, even if it was a little chilly out. My dad had left early for work, so I couldn’t get a ride. The streets were dead, as if there was no one left in the world but me. And yet, there were still cars in the school parking lot. As I was about to cross the street, I was hit upside the head, and instantly knocked out cold. I woke up in a strange place. The metal ground I was on was cold, but the air around me was warm and a little humid, like a factory. Someone picked me up from my underarms, but I couldn’t see who it was since they were behind me. The hands felt like those of a woman’s; boney, petite, and cool. She helped me keep my balance as I stood, and I rubbed the grogginess away from my eyes. Without standing in front so I could see her, and without me turning around to see who it was, she spoke. “You are nonexistent. The world no longer knows who you were, who you are, or who you will be. Your new job is to fight nightmares.” This made my heartbeat jump several paces, but I nodded anyway. There were two other people with me. I recognized them as Belle and Ian; two friends of mine. I knew they were here for the same reason, but why them? Not that it was a bad thing, but it made me wonder why they chose them…they weren’t very dream inclined, were they? Or maybe it was a religious thing. Who knows?

The woman stepped in front of me now, and I saw that she was an Asian woman; about 5’4”, maybe 145 lbs but a slim figure, wore a navy blue suite, black shoes, and held a clipboard next to her hip. She did not smile, she did not frown. She was completely expressionless. Much like Kristen Stewart. “Follow me.” She said coldly, flatly. The woman turned around and led the three of us to the middle of the building. It was more like a factory, actually. As I followed her slowly, I gazed around the room; the entire place consisted of metals and wires. No windows. No carpet. No doors, only doorways. There were several stories, though; when I looked down, I could see that we were several stories up. Around the walls, there were walking platforms, which we were on. Coming off of the platform were six other walkways that lead to the machine; the nightmare creator. On the walkways, a logo was printed in, which said, “Nightmare Factory©”. I swallowed with difficulty, and continued on to the middle, where the woman stood in front of Door #1. She opened it, and we entered what looked like a mixture of a hobbit home and a Japanese home. The doorways had no doors, and they were short and rounded. We were given small guns and other weapons such as hammers and crowbars. “Your assignment is to rid this house and rebuild. Your training begins now.” The Woman sent us in, and stood by the rounded doorway. I didn’t know what to do, but my instincts started to kick in. I ran forward to the rounded doorway and pointed my gun in both directions of the hall that the rounded doorway led to. There was nothing but boxes, so I left and followed Belle and Ian down another hallway. The woman merely stood there, observing our moves. Once I followed them down the hallway, she left.

The Teacup Room.

After our first assignment was finished (which I don’t remember the rest after I followed Belle and Ian down the hallway), we woke up on the floor again, in the same spots as when we first arrived at the factory. We instinctually knew that we had to get up and go to door #2. So, we got up, shook off the sleep and drowsiness, and went to door #2. Inside, it was like a giant ship, but beneath the main deck. The room was a restaurant type of place, and kind of old, but fancy. The chairs and tables were white with silver and gold lining, along with the window sills and ordering counter. Through the window that was straight across from us, you could see that it was really dark out, and sort of stormy. The lights above started to flicker, and the ship began to tip back and forth…back and forth. The air went cold with a wisp of wind, and I could tell in that instant that something was wrong, and something was going to happen. A tall man in a black t-shirt and jeans appeared next to the counter, and leaned against it with a knife in his hand. He smirked at us cruelly, and attacked at Ian and Belle. They fought him off together, but there were two other creatures that came out from behind the corner across the room, where there appeared to be stairs. It was a life-like doll that looked like a young girl (she wore a white and pink dress, with golden hair put up in pig tails), and a furry alien beast, which I could instantly recognize as a ‘scream beast’ (its eyes were pitch black, which is how you identify a scream beast). It had six walking limbs; two in the front, and two in back. Its fur was brown with black and orange markings. It also had a tail, sharp, jagged teeth, and one claw for every one of its four toes on each foot. It screamed at me, to which we all stood still for a few seconds, and it lurched forward. Thankfully, I came out of the short paralyzed state, and took my gun and shot it in the front left arm, and it tumbled away from me. Then the doll came at me with a hammer, but I took my gun and smashed the butt of it on top of her glass face, which had already been cracked before I’d done anything. The doll fell to the ground, and the scream beast retreated to the basement. The tall man that Ian and Belle had been fighting off disappeared, and we, once again, blacked out.

Scream Beast

Even though the last dream involved a scream beast, this one was more focused on the scream beast than the previous part. We had to go back to door #1 now, but when we went inside, it was different. It wasn’t the hobbit-Japanese hybrid house, it was part of the ship we were on in door #2. Except this time, in front of us was the stairs that the scream beast had retreated down. Ian had a flashlight, so he turned it on, since there was no light where we were. There was nothing in the room that we could see, but I kept my gun out anyway, and Belle held the crow bar in front of her. There was a growling noise, and a head peeked from behind the wall by the stairs. The pitch black eye of the scream beast glistened in the flashlight’s rays, and so I began shooting at it. The scream beast screeched again, and we stopped unwillingly for a few seconds. Once we were able to move again, it had only tumbled over a few boxes, so I was able to shoot. I shot at the scream beast several times, penetrating through its skull, eye, and chest. The scream beast fell by our feet, and we ran out of door #1.


I woke up in a different room this time. It was carpeted with red velvet, and the walls were painted with cherry and vanilla colors. There were twin beds against the left wall, also with red velvet covers and vanilla colored sheets. The posts were gold, with silver etches in the lining. Above those beds were dim lamps built into the wall. On the wall across from when you walk in, there's a single window. The sill is made of gold, and the glass is rippled and smudged. On the wall to the right, there is a media center, with a small stereo set and an old-time TV set. There is a black and white horror movie playing. In the middle of the room, between the twin beds and TV, there is a love seat and an arm chair, also red velvet material and gold trimmed. I woke up on the love seat, with another girl that I know and have always had mixed feelings about. She wore mostly black clothes, with a beanie hat. In this dream, she was a good friend of mine, even though I've only talked to her once or twice. Then, on the arm chair, there was another schoolmate of mine who I talk to once in a while in the halls. The girl next to me on the loveseat was sleeping, but I needed to ask the girl in the armchair a question. So, I whispered to her, "Where am I?" I asked, and then I noticed...she wasn't human. Physically she was, but I could sense that she spiritual and mentally was not a human. "What are you?" I asked again. "We're therians, and we're friends!" She grinned. Then the girl next to me woke up and peered at me, "We're therifriends!" The three of us chuckled, but quieted down again. Knowing that they were therians made me feel safer and more secure. The girl that was on the loveseat with me leaned her head on my shoulder, and I nuzzled her with my phantom muzzle. It amazed and confused me, but she must have felt it because she looked up at me and smiled. She then went back to sleep, and so did I.

Matt's Nightmare House.

I'd fallen asleep on the job, on the loveseat with one of my friends. Now, I found myself in my own nightmare that the Nightmare Factory had created by tapping into the nightmare wing of my subconscious mind. I woke up in a different room. When I sat up and rubbed the grogginess from my eyes, I recognized the house as my friend Matt's house...but it was different. It had the style of the Hobbit and Japanese houses, which made me realize that I'd woken up into a false awakening dream. I tried to wake my self up for real (in the dream), but something was keeping me in this dream. I didn't like the feel of it. It was hot and humid, and I felt like I had a fever. I didn't shrug it off, but I decided to go along with it. I noticed that I was on a couch with a blanket, as if I'd slept over. Matt's mom (she was different in the dream, not the same mom in RL) entered the room with a smile, but she stopped short when she saw me, her grin faltering. "Oh, I-I'm sorry...I didn't mean to intrude." She left the room. Raising an eyebrow, I didn't know what she was talking about, but when I felt a cold breeze on my torso, I looked down; I was naked beneath a blanket. Why? I have no idea, but I also didn't like it one bit. Certainly, I was not attracted to Matt like that, in any way. But Matt entered the room after his mom left, and he, too, was naked. "What am I doing here? Why am I naked? Why are YOU naked?!" I almost started to panic. But, not knowing what to do, I stayed covered up. There was something different about Matt. He wasn't Matt, it was just Matt's body. I could see it in the eyes. They were pitch black, not blue like they were supposed to be. "Matt, snap out of it." I said firmly, but all the controlling force did was make Matt smirk, almost cruelly. The body of Matt lunged at me, and as soon as it touched me, I was paralyzed. In my mind, I thought the controlling force's species name: Mimics. At the same time, I was panicking, but I was unable to do anything about it. The Mimic threw me onto the floor of the living room, where it raped me. The paralysis had worn off, and I was able to get the Mimic off of me, but that had aggrevated it. The walls began to burn with licks of fire, and the Mimic picked me up by my neck and held me against the burning walls. Although, I broke free somehow. Someone else was in my nightmare and had hit the Mimic in the neck, to which it let go of my neck. I ran away, out the door, and I had once again, fallen unconscious.

Back To The Drawing Board.

For the last time, I'd woken up on the metal floor by the Nightmare generator, across from door #1. Belle and Ian were there, too, again. The Asian woman came from the otherside of the room, and crossed the walkways by the nightmare generator, and across to us. She didn't look happy at all, and she made a few marks and other pencil scritches on her clipboard. She stood firmly, upright, uptight. She clenched her jaw, and swallowed as if with difficulty. "You have failed your training." The woman glared at the three of us. "Get up. You will do it again until you get it right." She turned to walk away, but looked back at me. "And this time, no more sleeping on the job." With a 'hmph', she flicked her ponytail and walked away, opening door #1 on her way out.

The dream ended there.

This is one of the few epic dreams I've had, and one of the most frightening.

Thanks for all who read this. Even though this doesn't need interpretation, feel free to post your thoughts/comments!(:
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Dream Posted on: 01/17/13
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