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To start this off, let me say this. For the last 3 years I've had this dream only 3 times and I just had it again tonight. What's odd about the dream though, is I've had it each year the day before track season begins, so Saturday into Sunday, whilst track starts Monday. And each time I've woken up at 2:11 p.m. I'm a 17 year old boy who loves scary movies and everything paranormal who also does track and football. The dream begins as me and a couple friends have to ride a separate bus to a football game because the other bus was too full. But this bus was sketchy, the driver didn't seem right, and looking at it made your hair on you arms stand. We all got on the bus, took our seat, and left listening to music l, preparing to beat the living **** out of the other team. The fist half of the ride was all hunky dory, but we all quickly got hungry. We got in the cooler and grabbed some Subway our coach always buys for our away games. We all chowed down quickly and drank our water. Shortly after, we all started tripping. Separating your hands after clasping them together made fire, it was raining in the bus, and dubstep was played in the bus. Before our random high was over, the bus driver yelled at us in a demonic tone, I don't remember what she said, but her face was scary, as well as how she said it. We get there to the game and our bus got there first, so us 6 go prepare ourselves walk around the field and concession are, and right next to the concessions is a very small shed only having stairs leading straight into a wall with its door wide open. We keep messing around and I realize I had left something in my bag so I had to back for it. As I make my way over to the locker room, the shed door shuts after I past it, and seconds later I hear a scream. I asked others of they heard it and no one did, so I ignored it. I proceeded to the locker room grabbed it and left. (nothing happens for a while so I'm going to skip until were about to actually take the field). We're all dressed and in the locker room, pumped up to kick *** after coachs final words before the big game. As we walk out, I felt queasy, not right. Once we about reached the shed, everything went all trippy again. There were demons everywhere, and 3 of them liked me. They took me down the shed and locked the door behind me. One, for some odd reason had a cat face, and I for some even more odd reason said "awww kitty". And the demon said "no", with other stuff but I don't remember it. The cat demon and the other one, don't know what it looked like, continued to torment me, and make fun of my past and what I have done in the past. But the third demon started choking me and teased me for being "emo" because for the last few days I've been crying over a girl I loved because we broke up (happened in the other years too). But what was worse is he said "your brother is going to rot!". This most recent Friday, my 16 year old brother was arrested. (it didn't say that in the other dreams though). After all their tormenting, the bigger, 3rd demon sat in me and said more stuff, and I for some reason, snapped my neck around 90 degrees and said "you wouldn't dare" In a demonic voice and I felt weight on lower back as I lay on my stomach. The demon starts laughing and I hear a toilet and water coming up and it seems he pooped on me, and the water was coming from the sheds drain, he intended to drown me. I yelled no, elbowed the demon. And I woke up, panting, sweating, and crying.
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Dream Posted on: 01/27/13
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