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had this dream on 16 June 2006.

I dreamed I was driving a 1968 Chevrolet Impala (white with black vinyl top). In the car was my three children, but they were younger than they are now (in my dream they were about 13, 11, and 8). In the back seat was a good female friend of mine and my son and youngest daughter. My oldest daughter was sitting in the front seat with me.

We were driving down Highway 84 towards Valdosta, Georgia. We came to a "Y' in the road, I took the left road because traffic was backed up on the right. I drove about 100 yards, and my friend said, "We need to turn around and take Highway 5, it's less traffic". So I turned around, began to drive and was rear ended by a light blue Dodge pickup truck. The man who hit me was apologetic. His truck was smashed in on the side, and my chrome bumper and tail light was damaged.

Several state troopers came up to investigate. One stepped out and said, "My name is Sergeant Justice, and I will be doing the investigation and report. You all wait over there, and I will call you soon". My friend looked at her watch, and said, "I hope this don't take long, I've gotta go somewhere". I then noticed several very tall (about 7 to 8 feet), athletic men tossing around a football. They motioned for me to come over and play with them. They wanted me to toss them passes. I did..perfect passes which they easily caught. They were smiling and said, "You are pretty good". I sensed in my dream that they were guardian angels.

There were several other people milling about and waiting. I then noticed an office building up on a hill. I told my children and friend to come on, and we will go see Sergeant Justice. As I entered the large administrative building, I saw two offices; one on the left and one on the right (shaped like a "Y"). I went to the left one, and and only saw Army soldiers dressed in "Dress Green" uniforms (not battle fatigues). One of them spoke up (He was a Specialist), and he said, "Sergeant Justice is in the other office...the one to the right'.

I went in the office, and immediately saw Sergeant Justice. He told me to wait in the waiting area, and he would be with me shortly. There were several other people waiting, men and women. Someone came in and asked, "Is there a preacher in here"? I said, "I am". He wanted me to pray for a man whose back was scarred with what looked like the wounds of a surgical procedure. I prayed for him, and he was healed. People in the room was praising the LORD and crying. We then sat a a table filled with food (fried catfish was on the table along with several other items of food). I was showing a woman the pictures out of my wallet, including pictures of my children and a battered paper with a recipe written on it. I told her that was the recipe for my former wife's lasagna My former wife then appeared and brought in a casserole dish of lasagna (we have not been together in 20 years..she left me and the children).

Sergeant Justice then came in and said I was free to go.

I started driving down a two lane street, and there were some "hoodlums" playing chicken (driving fast at each other and seeing who would "chicken out" and swerve at the last moment). I had to turn hard to keep from hitting them head on...One did swideswipe my 68 Chevy. They started chasing me, and I got out of my car and ran behind an Army truck. About 20 of these "hoodlums" surrounded me, took out handguns (45 caliber pistols), and began firing at me. I held up both my hands, palms outward, and could feel as bullets hit the center of my hands. I also felt one enter my right side. As I began to rebuke them in the name of Jesus, I felt a warmth in my hands and in my side.

Then one hoodlum pulled up, got out of his car, cocked his machine gun, pointed it at me, and said, "I got you now". He began to fire at me, and as the bullets entered my hands, shards like glass came flying out. I was calling on the name of Jesus, when suddenly, the shards of glass turned to fine gold dust that became coarser as the bullets hit. Gold dust and nuggets was leaving my hands, and blessing all those around me. The hoodlums stood down in defeat. I then went up to an elderly man, he was about 60, dressed in overalls, had on a farmer's hat, and wore thick glasses. I said to him, "You are doing a great job raising them children, hold out your hands". He did, and I poured him out a blessing of liquid gold.

I then went to a large room. In walked Danny Weathers, an old college friend. He came up to me and hugged me. I hadn't seen him in a while. People in the room was watching the news on TV. The news anchor was showing my scene with the hoodlums on the newscast, and everybody turned to me and said, "That is you!" They had a look of awe on their faces. Someone came against me and I looked at him and said, "Touch not my anointed, and do my prophets no harm". He then disappeared off the face of the earth. People in the room recognized that I was a man of God.

I then woke up. By the way, when I was a teenager, my dear departed Mama owned a 1968 Chevrolet Impala, white with a black vinyl top. I drove that car often, and really liked it. Also, on the day before this dream, I prayed for a man who had had several surgeries on his back.
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