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I keep getting these dreams and images, and they are all the same, basically. I'm some kind of guardian angel clad in armor from head to toe. I've got on a face plate that completely covers from the crown of my head right down like a half inch past my nose to where the only thing not covered in my mouth and chin. Even with this heavy protective metal over my face, I can still see hear and breath perfectly. In fact, I can hear and see sharper than I thought was humanly possible. I've got metal boots that come up to my knees, a chest plate, bracers, gloves, and some kind of dresslike chain mail that stops right above my knees. To spite how heavy I know all this stuff should be, I feel very light and almost weightless, like if I were to move forward my feet would no longer be attached to the ground, and I might have to struggle to anchor myself back to the dirt. It's a thought that annoys me for some reason so I try to stick to standing perfectly still.
I'm also armed with two weapons. I have a white bow, which I think is made out of some kind of bone, just because that's kinda what it feels like. It's only got one arrow paired with it, so i guess it's some kinda special renewable arrow because I'm not worried about running out of ammo. I've also got a spear that I always hold out in front of me. The spear I know is special. It's a creamy white, a little darker than the bow, but feel like it's made out of the same stuff as the bow. It's got a very light pink and a white feather tied to the pointy end with a pink cord of some kind, and both of the feathers look to be about a foot long, kinda big for feathers anyways. I think it's blessed or something, that's the impression I get from how I feel about it while I'm holding it.
There's not much else to tell really. I'm one of four guards standing at a large gate. I'm at the front line about a half a mile from the other set of guards, with about twelve feet between me and the other guy guarding the front. and I know this instinctually without having to think about it. I can see the guards that stand closer to the actual gate perfectly, in every detail, and I'm sure I shouldn't be able to see good enough to see that far away, but I do. I know also that I'm going to be standing there doing whatever it is I'm doing for 1000 years. It for some reason doesn't bother me. It's like I know something that makes standing there that long not feel like work.
Every once in a while some random person will try to come up to the gate. I don't really get to do much about it so I just stand and watch, waiting for some kind of signal, or event. The one thing I do notice about each of the people who come up to the gate, the come to it pleading to be let in, begging for another chance to prove themselves worthy of entrance. The four of us never speak to the people, I don't know if we chose not to or we're forbidden to, we just don't. Every time these seemingly normal people run or walk up to the gate, and they start to limp, and moan as they get closer, almost like it's physically hurting them to get near the gates. By the time they get to the second pair of guards they are crawling on their hands and knees crying in agony, until they don't move. It's unsettling, but at the same time there's an overwhelming calm that completely removes all the uneasy thoughts from my mind before I get a chance to question it, and when that itself starts to scare me, it's replaced with the same calm relaxing feeling. It's like I'm only allowed to feel one way.
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