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I was walking in the woods with a man I love, when all of a sudden we're surrounded by these men and women who raidated "power", they approach holding their hands out to me, and one of the women speaks: "Its time, come with us Alisha, its time we claimed you and put our mark on you." At first I am a little afraid, and ask: "who are you?" To which they reply as a group :"We are the gods and goddesses, and you have been chosen."
Next thing I know, they've lifted me up and away into the night sky, the stars are brighter than ever, and beautiful to behold. I feel safe, but yet anxious for being taken from Ryan, when the first goddess that spoke looks and me and says "Don't worry, don't fight this little one, he's your reward. In time we will give him to you, if you want him."
Then the scene shifts and we're on a mountian, in a wooded clearing with this stone altar in the middle, with a shimmery cloth with every color imaginable in its threads, gently they lay me down on top of it, with me spread eagle, and naked. I can't feel the rock altar beneath me, it feels like I am floating on a cloud or air or water. One by one they approach and with their fingers each draws a symbol (their symbol) starting at my feet, and working up to my shoulders, occasionally I have to roll over so they can do this on my backside, and then this beautiful God approaches, and the others surround me, holding me down with my arms out, inner wrists up. The Goddess that first spoke holds my head in her hands and makes me look up into her eyes that are like looking at the earth from far in space, and she whispers in my ear "We have all chosen you, but he has most claim, dont fight this, it will only hurt a moment, you've been chosen, your his." The pain was a mix of intense pain and extreame pleasure. But the God puts his mark on both inner wrists and the backs of my hands, and then agian right over my heart. Once hes finished the rest slowly fade out one by one until its just us, then he leans over and kisses my lips, softly, tenderly, brushing my hair back from my face. "Remember, your ours, and mine the most, when its time we will come to you again. Remember your reward and our gift to you, its what you've been asking for all your life. Dont lose it, or your faith in us." And them he fades away, and darkness claims me and I wake up... That was the most vivid dream in my entire life, I wonder what it means? Its freaky, I am still shaking, and it keeps replaying vividly in my mind!
Dream Symbols from our Dream Dictionary:and love surrounding it | backside | earth | egyptian | extreame | fingers | floating on a cloud | god | goddess | gods and goddesses

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Dream Posted on: 09/27/12
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