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I was in a white window-less room, with bright lights that hurt my eyes. When my sight adjusted to the brightness, I was alone. There was one cast-iron door across from me, and the only furniture was the chair I was sitting on... I got up and walked towards the door, and when I touched the knob, the room disintegrated and changed into a lunchroom. I was pushed forward in line, deeply confused how I went from one room to another. Once receiving my food, I sat at a table alone, until a boy came and sat across from me. He had soft, brownish blonde hair, slightly tanned skin, and when I looked at his eyes, they were a bright violet with golden specks in the irises. He smiled this perfect smile, and said, "Hello, new one." I must've looked lost, because he introduced himself as Robin, and talked a little about the asylum. Then he leaned closer, asked me to meet him in the garden area, and walked away. When I stood up and reached out to touch him, he vanished! The room disintegrated again, and I was walking past roses. As I passed each one, the roses wilted and died. I finally found Robin, and he looked distraught. He gently grabbed my hand, and opened his mouth to say something. Suddenly his eyes froze wide open, and he fell to the ground. I tried to wake him up, but to no avail... The scene melted away and I was alone in total blackness. I saw a person laying down, and ran over to them, glad to have company in this scary darkness. But when I got there, I saw myself lying on the ground, bloody and dead. At this point I woke up, thoroughly frightened, and didn't fall asleep again o.o
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Dream Dictionary Type: other dream
Dream Posted on: 02/19/13
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Posted on February 19th, 2013:
Everything you are saying in your dream is showing that you are happier being in the dark, than in the light. You have trepedation and fear of God, light, beauty "flowers." roses also represent the mother of Jesus as far as smell. Additionally, you or your soul knows that you carry this "dark" negative persona, because why would roses wilt around you? Unless that you have a lot of negative energy, and your energy is dissolving and absorbing the joy and beauty that is around you. I believe this dream is revealing to you that you are at a crossroads in life. You also note the lit room to be an "Asylum." So that means to me that you fear organized religion, or anything of the light as something would straightjacket you. But as you can see, at the end of your dream, your soul is revealing to you that darkness is death, and it is lonely. So I believe your dream is revealing to you that you need to move out of the darkness that you are in and seek the light, for me it is Jesus. To see that all religion does not have to be like an Asylum. Also you need to shed this darkness, or joylessness, and enjoy, and see the beauty or positivity around you. When you see it, don't take from it, but admire it, give back to it admire it and feed it...Learn to compliment and give, instead of take...And you will find fullfilment, and love and joy. And this negative energy will leave you. Also get rid of black out of your closet.
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