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ok so i guess me and my family are driving somewhere and the car breaks down just outside of this old creepy little town. We saw a few people driving by that were heading into the town and they didnt stop or anything just looked at us and they resembled the people from the hills have eyes.. so they were creepy lookin to say the least. we looked around and saw this old chinese man hovering over about 20 cradles filled with a bunch of babies. we went over to him and asked him what was going on but he couldnt speak english.. but all the babies also looked very demented. all of a sudden a cop car rolls by the street. stops and gives us a bad look then goes into town. we were trying to hurry up and get the hell out of there but then the cop came back and this time he had 2 other cop cars with him. they all pull over to the side of the road then start to continuously shoot at all the babies that the chinese man was watching over. me and my family start to haul *** into the town to get some help. once the cops finished off all the babies and the chinese man they began to chase after us. we made it into town and all the people had no response to our panic.. somehow my brother found a big box full of guns so he starts handing them all to me. i had no idea how to use a gun.. but i figured it out realll quick. once the cops came in they started just shooting at everyone all the ppl in the town and us.. the ppl still acted like nothing was wrong so then i started to shoot at the cops.. except only a few of the guns actually had ammo in them so it took me awhile to find one that would shoot. One cop got me in my foot and another shot me in my hand. suddenly i became very good with a gun and i killed all those sons of *******... eccept the main cop. the one who saw us from the beginning. He was alot bigger than the rest and alot uglier too. He threw a young girl into some sort of wrestling blow up pit.. then he told me to get in and fight his sister.. at this point i didnt have a gun so i got into the pit. this nasty lookin girl starts to come after me and my brother comes from the side and throws me two guns.. then all of a sudden arica gets thrown into the pit as well. I gave one of the guns to arica and told her to start shooting. since the girl was taking a while to get over to us i decided to use my spare time shooting at the cop. I shot him twice in the chest but he had a bullet proof vest on.. then i shot his sister and killed her. The cop was starting to look pretty angry so i shot him again this time i got him in the head.. but i only hit a piece of flesh. i asked arica why she wasnt shooting and she told me she had no idea how to use a gun so i showed her real quick then i noticed that the cop had my brother and they were talking as if they were in some sort of negotiation. i went over to the cop and he shook my hand then i said "good game". then i woke up. weird!
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Dream Posted on: 04/15/08
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Posted on April 15th, 2008:
Good grief! You've remembered a tremendous amount of detail! You're stranded, the cops are bad guys, you're scared to death and fighting for your life, and then it al turns out to be a game. I don't think I can even begin to interpret this one, but I'd just like to say, keep a dream journal! This one would be a great beginning of a screenplay for a horror/action movie!
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