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Last night, I dreamed that I was out and about, down town on a quiet day, the day seemed excessively quiet, I went to view my crush and maybe share some words. walked around for a while, and suddenly had to use the bathroom, so I sat on a toilet on the sidewalk out side of the local "dive" bar. As I was done relieving myself, a man ran by, and behind him was 3 police officers, each holding up a large object to expel yellowish mace substance, each one letting it flow into the air and rain down upon the streets, as soon as I noticed, I covered my face with my bandanna/shirt, finished my business and ran with my face still covered wondering what the hell was going on.
At some point I went into a Costco with some family and was climbing on top of TV boxes stacked to the ceiling looking for something in particular, as my mum(who doesn't live around here anymore) was asking why my friend Brian,(who I haven't hung out with in years), but was hanging out in an earlier dream, or portion of this dream hated cops so much, and I responded," I never really noticed, but if either of us disliked cops, it is probably me" as I was climbing up boxes in search of something (supposed to be a sort of weapons or supplies). Then I was on my way home (to my apartment that I was kicked out of last month) and got stuck by the Caltrans office, where there were people, blood, and police officers everywhere. There were very faint and vague road blocks, and if anyone entered the zone beyond the road blocks, they would be sprayed, and beaten with batons, at any which time there were people with machetes and/or other makeshift weapons trying to fight off the cops. I made sure to try and steer clear, occasionally mis-stepping into the zone and being threatened with fire and force. I then went into the building and there were people piled everywhere, it was like a small work shed with the "workshed" supplies included. Many people cowering or making make-shift weapons (mainly children sharpening credit cards and doing something with nuts in bolts, and selling them to people) There were many races of intelligent beings, not just humans, but some large nosed, boily orangeish creature, and many others that I have not seen on this planet before. Suddenly cops and swat team burst' into the building fighting people, and people were fighting back. In the back of this room there was a glass door (already splattered with blood and whatever that potent chemical goo was, and I stumbled to the back and into the door, pulling it shut behind me. There were a few beings (people and otherwise) in there, standing back from the chaos in the next room over. One or two left the room and two or three came in, packed into this tiny elevator sized room was me, another human, this big nosed, bulky orangish creature, and, a slender/slick n cool looking green spikey skin(hair?)ed thing. We spoke of things and about how crazy this all is, and about how this small room is the safe room where you go to escape from the violence.
I eventually escaped into a slightly ruinous, dystopian Eureka and noticed next door there was a house with a light blinking inside, I wasn't sure if it was morse code or not, because I cannot read morse code, and took it upon myself to get in through a window and see if anyone needed help.
After I got in, I was yelling "hello, Is anything okay in here?" and I got to the kitchen, and a little girl, somewhere in her young teens comes out and says hello, and asked what I was doing there, in a sort of worried tone. as she approached, I looked at her and noticed her head was a black(what looked like plastic) cube with electrical wires, frayed at the top, sticking out of the top as if they were a few hairs for character. I asked her if she was okay, and she said she was fine, and I then asked what happened to her face, she said(with her lack of mouth or face) and she said that she had it blown off/melted away by the cops a few weeks earlier. I pretty much told her how that really sucked and asked if she was hungry. She said yes and I opened her fridge asking what she wanted, and made a few suggestions, she pointed at some green Jell-o substance with white rice looking chunks in it and said she wanted that, and it was really good lentils. I informed her that it doesn't look like lentils and she said she knows what it is and that I should heat it up in the microwave, I shrugged it off and did as she said, while walking to the microwave between the kitchen and living room and I asked how old she is, she said she was thirteen, and I told her right on, and explained ton her that my niece was thirteen and I hoped that she doesn't plan on getting into as much trouble as her. While I was saying this, a slightly older young lady (about my age) came into the room and began washing dishes while glaring at me over the half wall. She was the young girl's older sister. I just knew she thought I was trying to creep on her younger sister because I thought she was home alone, which was definitely not the case. I spoke to the lady and cleared some things up a bit, and made sure she knew that those weren't my intentions while sitting down for tea. That's the rest of what I remember.

I had a really interesting dream right before this one(may have actually been part, was at least connected) but it was really choppy, and involved camping in a desert, and looking for someone through miles of different colored tents, and people (burning man?). My old friend Brian was in that dream (as referenced in the other dream) hanging out, as well as some other friends of mine. I played board games with some really pale girl and her large father. There was something to do with someone or a few people dying, etc...
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