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Isa (Pain Chased Dream)
I had a dream not long ago were a man named "Isa" appeared.
He asked me if I would follow him, and I said something like I could give it a try even if I did not trust his "father". The guy was glowing a lot, and some weird **** happen. He started to cleanse me or something, and I suddenly experienced worse pain than anything I had ever felt in my whole body before. Something was torn of my body, darkness looking veins. They were gathered around my heart and there was a black pearl in my heart with red shine. The plant or whatever that had grown in me was torn out and as said, the pain was intense, I really felt like I was being killed all over again, it was worse than being eaten alive by a shark. I could see demons lose their grip on me and I realized me and this Isa was in a room in my body. There was a sort of square like room, and Isa went around and glowed up the room with a glow over his head. He looked serious as he checked around and he left the altar are alone. He asked me if I wanted to cleanse my whole body of the vermin's that were harming me. I felt strange after he had cleaned away parts of them so I said "Yes... I don't want anything in me that would harm me." and so Isa started to glow stronger and I could barely stand in that light, I feel down and looked from a cooled shade. Isa went around and tore of darkness from the room of the temple, and I realized he was on the way to the temple in the middle. I got panic and ran to him and held him of "Not the one by my heart. I don't wish you to harm him" and Isa looked at me serious. I explained why he could not harm him, how he had saved me many times, and that all others that harmed me I might wish gone, but not him, because he was there to save me. That I would gladly suffer that aching heart of his because I really cared for him. Isa watched me serious in the eyes "I will not harm him" again I said more strongly "You should know he saved me from doing the gravest sin", and his eyes watched me almost sad yet calm. He did not smile, nothing, but he went to the darkness close my center and light up my altar.
There was something almost completely one with my own heart but he still had a own shape. He sat there calm not moving, and Isa spoke "You know your harming the soul?" and the man did not move "I did not wish anyone harm" the silent reply. Isa watched him "I know what you have done, and I regret my fathers actions to you. But you do realize your going to suffer?" Isa said. The man looked up at him "Your making her suffer" Isa "I know, but it can't be helped. I can't leave, it's impossible." he said. Isa studied him and watched me almost sad "You should control your emotions more, your bringing yourself unneeded suffering." Isa "I don't mind the pain" I said, deciding to but in because I did not mind it "I mean, all the other was a lot more painful when you removed them. Those were never invited. But I did invite him.... I can live with these emotions since we are close" I said. Isa studied me, those calm, grayish eyes "You know I hate to see someone suffer. I Rather wish you never felt so" Isa said. Somehow the dream went into how I cared for others when asked what I tough happiness was, and I said mine was when other was happy. I could not smile if others was in pain and I could not help but care. Isa had a sad smile to that, and told me I should never change. Isa then returned to speak to the shadow in me, asking if he wanted to cleanse himself as a angel. He though it was a joke, but somehow he agreed to some extent to be a guardian angel. A dark sea arouse on the walls, like a tideway of darkness seeking to hold me. Isa protected me with light, but barel. Isa was concerned of my future. Isa summoned three other angels said to be the wisest of heaven. I never asked their names, he said they would protect me from the darkness around. And that with my Gabriel they would be four. He named the man inside my soul for my souls guardian. We talked a lot more.... it was strangely calm and sometimes dramatic.
Dream Symbols from our Dream Dictionary:aching heart | black pearl | darkness | demons | isa demons darkness altar guardian angels | pain chased | shark | veins | vermin

Dream Dictionary Type: Pain chased dream
Dream Posted on: 07/13/12
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