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The Red Horse (Protecting Dream)
I dreamed I was back in the city where I was born and where most of my family still lives. I walked around this city without any desired destination. I just wandered.

Eventually I came across a beautiful white horse. There was something special about this horse, something pure, but it was being chased. I knew that if I stayed with it, the men hunting it couldn't touch it. So I decided to stay near the white horse and protect it.

And instead of wandering the city alone, I had the white horse with me, neither of needing or wanting to be anywhere in particular. But in our wanderings we kept seeing a red horse that seemed to be following us. This red horse was like nothing I had ever seen. He wasn't like the white horse I protected. He was strong and powerful, nothing hunted him. He also gave off a strange aura, like a dark glow, and his eyes were black, but not in a sinister or evil way.

From the moment I first saw the red horse, I wanted to be near him. He seemed drawn to me as well, but he was untamed and wild, and galloped away soon after our first meeting. But as I continued on, I kept seeing him. He followed us, but kept a safe distance away. Everytime I saw him, he would disappear.

Then, eventually, the white horse and I ran into the group of men that had been hunting it. They wanted the white horse badly, but couldn't get to it so long as I protected it. Then they offered a trade. The leader of the men pointed to a hill not to far away from us, and on top of that hill was the red horse. It was staring at me as if it were waiting.

The leader said to me, "Give us the white horse, and you and the red horse can be together."

And I wanted the red horse. I was with the white horse out of obligation, because I felt that something that innocent needed to be protected, but I didn't really feel an attachment to it. But the red horse had something. . . I knew if I went with the red horse I'd have everything I ever wanted; adventure, inner strength, and a life without insecurity or fear.

But I said no. I had to protect the white horse. Even though the red horse wanted to be with me just as much as I wanted to be with him. And when I told the leader no, the red horse ran away.
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Dream Dictionary Type: protecting dream
Dream Posted on: 09/05/08
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Posted on September 5th, 2008:
Horses are about strength, endurance, having the attitude of "being in it for the long run" These are your own qualities that you are protection, along with the colour white which is purity and innocence.

The colour red represents passion, anger, aggression
it is these parts of you that you have not discovered yet and this is the reason why the horse disappears. The moment you feel any of these, you protect the white horse the purity and innocence within you.

Interesting dream, thank you for sharing it.
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