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Church Drove Me Crazy? (Psychological Issues Dream)
I don't really remember how the dream started, but here is what I do remember:

I woke up at the house that my boyfriend and I are currently living in. We decided that it was time to move because we were looking for a better house. We found this house that did not met all of our expectations in my dream (but none of what we want in real life). We took our dog and moved to this house: one story, very close to the neighbors, no yard at all. We ended up having to tie our dog up outside and we decided that we wouldn't have any dogs in the house. Our landlord came over and told us that the rent was due the next day, even though we had just paid the security deposit and they said that we were good until the beginning of the next month. The man landlord had brought his wife, and she had brought their two dogs (rottweilers) (our dog in the dream and real life is a mix: 1/3 husky, 1/3 lab, 1/3 shepherd). The wife went into our kitchen and cooked herself a soft taco and her husband a hard taco. She brought the dogs into our hallway and poured their food into a container that overflowed and made a mess in the hall. I couldn't say anything about it. Later on, somehow, we end up in the house living with my sister-in-law and brother and their little girl. They had all the big rooms and I didn't see a room for myself and my boyfriend. The front door had a name that was not right on it. (names are changed here, but it's so you get the idea) -- His name in real life and in the dream was Thomas Bruce Smith, JR. On the door, it had ROBERT Bruce Smith, Jr. Same middle and last name, but for some reason the first name was not right. The only lock that was available on the front door was two nails that you had to twist around each other. The door was locked. Then it was the next day and we were all at church (my brother, sister-in-law, their baby, me, and *Thomas*). There were desks rather than pews, and we were up front. The front had only a table that was sloppily covered in glue and newspaper, and the preacher did not talk. He introduced us and then he and all of the people in the clergy got up and went to the back of the church. Somehow, my aunt and her two children (10 and 7) showed up in the church. We started looking around and we found a picture of the house that we just moved in to. It had its old occupants in it, and it was a family with three children and all smiling. The youngest of my aunt's children decided to follow the preacher into the back because everyone was laughing, and then we heard her scream. I ran back there to check on her, but she was behind a closed door, and I couldn't open it because I wouldn't try. I ran back to get my aunt (by this point both my boyfriend and my brother had disappeared). She grabbed a picture frame to use as a weapon and busted into the door. The youngest child was standing in the back screaming and the preacher and the clergy had (i don't know, this was a dream) some sort of fairies and were holding them down and doing awful things. They were cutting them open with pens and needles, they were slinging them by their hair, and one even raped the fairy with a pencil. I turned around and ran, getting into my boyfriend's truck. I couldn't really fit though. The hood was sitting on my head and the steering wheel was on my lap, so it was hard to drive. I tried to get my phone to work so I could call my sister in law and tell her that I was going back home, but I couldn't get the buttons to work. I got home and used the house phone to call my sister in law. I asked her if she was still at church and she asked me what church and told me not to call her if I'm in the house with her. I looked into her bedroom and she was sitting on the bed. I dropped the phone and ran to the door, and I tried to lock it and then to unlock it, but both nails just came out of the door and hit the floor. Then I tried to Google a psychiatrist in the area to talk to them, but then I woke up.
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Dream Dictionary Type: psychological issues dream
Dream Posted on: 01/30/13
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