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Outbreak (Rage Virus Dream)
My sister and I were at my house, alone doing housework when my cousin came over to visit. We were just chilling when I had to go check something real quick and when I came back my cousin, now beat red, eyes glazed over, a blue substance oozing out is body, had a gun aimed at my sister.

Seeing me he panicked and shot, hitting my sister. Watching her fall, I gave into my emotions and charged my cousin, he tried to kill me but I sidestepped the bullet and disarmed him, tackling him to the ground. He was foaming at his mouth, spitting at me in anger,trying to bite me. I just get hitting him and hitting him but he kept coming. He threw me off and when to attack but I grabbed the gun that was laying on the ground and shot, killing him.

I couldn't believe what I had done, I shot my own cousin, but he was trying to kill me. It was okay right? I quickly got to my feet and scurried to my sister, telling me what happened with her dying breathes. I didn't even have time to mourn because seconds later a handful of people in the same state broke in charging at me just like my cousin. Bullet by bullet I shot, backing slowly to the corner of my room, dropping each like flies until my clip was empty.

With no ammo left, I kicked out my window and jumped through, running for my life. Backyard by backyard I crossed, hopping fence after fence to get away from the growing army, somehow I was faster. When I got enough room, I hid, jumping onto a ledge and climbing onto a roof of a house, the infected people just running by, unable to find me.

I waited until nightfall when they all scattered and gave me some space to go and hide. I creeped into the backwoods and kept walking, moving from tree to tree keeping myself hidden. It was right around midnight when I heard someone call to me. I looked over and this man was waving to me from this shack.

I was growing tired so I decided to take the risk and walk in. Sure enough there was over 12 people in their hiding, and the shack was huge. I sat down talking to them resting when I started to notice several of the people trying to hide this blue ooze coming from their body. My heart sank and I got up and moved to leave.

I was looking out the windows for any nearby infected and noticed a clear path to escape. The man that welcomed me in asked me what was wrong and I told him, seconds later screaming coming from the other room. Without he hesitating we both took out from my exit, with two more fortunate healthy fleeing with us. We ran until our feet felt like they were about to give out on us, looking for a sign of help with the infected from the shack staying right on our tail.

We reached the side of a mountain and with no way to go but up, we made our way slowly up the mountain, luckily the infected being slowed down too. Upon reaching the top our jaws dropped when a man in a suit and a pump action shotgun took aim. We pleaded too him and showed him that he was fine but he didn't seem to listen.

He loaded his gun and shot, and continued to do so, pump shot, pump, shot, pump shot. My eyes were closed accepting my fate but I was fine, along with my friends. We turned around and found the infected behind us dead.

We thanked the man and headed in when he told us all about what was going on and everything he observed. We wanted to stay but he had just enough supplies for himself. He didn't want to send us on our way just to die so he disappeared for a while and came back up with 4 motorcycles. and a few guns for each. Checking our new weapons and vehicles we hopped onto the bikes and started them up, roaring to life as we threw on our helmets and took off down this trail, my dream then unfortunately ending.
Dream Symbols from our Dream Dictionary:ammo | anger | army | backwoods | cousin | doing housework | emotions | fence | flies | handful

Dream Dictionary Type: Rage Virus dream
Dream Posted on: 08/10/12
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