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Constantly On The Move (Random Events Dream)
I wish I had time to write this down sooner but today was pretty eventful, so what I’m about to say is all I remember.

The dream started with a scene in a military type hangar that opened up on both sides and I was a part of a four man team that was supposed to deliver a car to someone and we all had military grade assault rifles. Nothing happened on the way and the part of the dream where the car is delivered never happened, so that was a little confusing.

While in the area, there were many buildings with external metal staircases and for some reason I was running up and down different stairs and in and out of different buildings. This is part of the reason I wish I’d written it down earlier as a lot of things happened.

Anyways, after a while of that the scene switches to a neighborhood setting and for some reason I’m running around close to dusk and I have a flashlight and something else but I’m holding them like policeman holding a flashlight over a gun. Why I don’t know. I come to a fence in someone’s backyard and there are two girls next to me. I couldn’t see their faces but if I remember correctly they had nice bodies and dark and or dirty blonde hair. I put the flashlight and other thing away so I can jump the fence and I’m calling out to the girls to jump the fence and the first girl to jump over has a short white dress on and as she’s coming over the top of the fence I grab her by the waist and help her down. If anything happens after that I don’t know because I woke up.
Dream Symbols from our Dream Dictionary:assault rifles | car | dirty blonde hair | dusk | faces | fence | flashlight | grabbing | gun | hangar

Dream Dictionary Type: Random Events dream
Dream Posted on: 09/29/12
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Posted on September 30th, 2012:
OK so first and foremost, military themed dreams have nothing to do with real wars or battles. I know this as I went through a couple of phases of extremely detailed military dreams where I was a soldier, and I am a deeply committed pacifist. The thing about these dreams I particularly remember is how incredibly vivid they always were and how very realistic.

I had a lot of "bunkers", concrete type reinforced buildings - and considering that all houses/constructions represent our minds/psyche, a bunker suggests your belief system under threat (could hangar be the same?) Or else hangar represents a place where stuff is stored

Guns etc, are part of feeling the need to "defend yourself"

cars represent control over life path or direction. Who do you feel you are meant to give over control to?

Running up and down stairs of buildings represents your own process of going back and forth between subconscious and conscious, in other words "processing"

The policeman/searchlight thing sounds like you are searching for something - could it be that you are trying to catch someone out?
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