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Ok, I apologise in advance this may be a bit long!
Bit of background, I'm with my fiance 5 yrs, we got engaged last weekend. I feel very happy and loved by him and I love him very much.

Thanks to anyone taking the time to read this!

So, first dream, Saturday night:
I had a dream we had a baby, we were very very happy about it in the dream, at the start he was so tiny he fit the lenght of my arm! We loved him very much and before we knew it he was like 2 yrs old. A happy dream, didn't think much of it!

Sunday nights dream:
2 parts, I can't remember which one came first!
In one, a guy I had a fling with years ago (before my fiance) was in it, we flirting alot and I was saying there's no way it's happening again, then the more the dream went on the more I felt I wanted to, then just before I was going to cheat my fiance's name popped into my head, I thought there's no way I'm cheating on him, then I was at a wedding with my mam, but we didn't know it was someones wedding-weird!-I looked across the room and through a glass wall I could see this guy playing the piano and I wished my fiance was more musical-i love music!- I felt so guitly when I woke up. The other dream I had that same night I got a parking ticket and decided to appeal it, I went to appeal it and had to take a test. The test didn't make any sense and everyone was finished before me (another ex was in this part) My old english teacher was the adjuicator, everyone was waiting for me to finish then one a question about corn it named 2 types and I had to name the other, my fiance whispered the answer to me but he was only trying to help but I was alittle annoyed coz I knew the answer.

Last night's dream:
Ok, so I was working in a hospital-I think just on reception, but the outside was like the front of my mam and dads house and it was on my their road.

So I was going for a break with one of the nurses (a male nurse!) He was nice but just my friend, outside the hospital was a van selling doughnuts and who was in the van selling them?? The guy I had a fling with that was in my other dream!! Ok, so when I noticed him I thought I’m gonna wait for him to notice me and say something then, the que was going for ages, then my nurse (lol at that!!) got to the top, he was talking to him for ages and I just kind of stood off to the side, then my mate was asking my fling for some drugs, weed I think???!!! (I'm very anti drugs in real life but this didn't bother me for some reason!) So when all that was sorte,d I thought I’m glad he didn’t notice me actually. So walking back into the hospital the nurse realizes he dropped his doughnuts beside the van, he didn’t care but I said ah I’ll go back and get them for you. When I got back around, it wasn’t a van anymore just a car and he was in the driver seat listening to music and smoking, the car was full with other people too, as I picked up the doughnuts we made eye contact and his face dropped but I just made a face like yea it’s me look at what you missed (does that make sense???!) then I could here him saying to his mates ah man that’s my girl that’s my chi chi???? (in the dream this phrase made sense to me!!) It meant like ‘special friend’!! If you get me This all sounds so crazy I’m sorry!!!!!!!

Anyway he got out of the car and came towards me and I just ran off!

Right before my alarm went off a piece of paper came into my mind saying Katy Fox (a character from Hollyoaks!!!) eventually killed by I don't wan to name the name here but it was one of my companies clients!!!! But in the dream his name was very similar to someone my friend used to go out with who sorta broke her heart! But it was years ago!!!! And I remember thinking I have to warn her :O

I'm sorry if this went on abit but it's making me so confused, why is this guy I haven't thought about for years suddenly popping up in my dreams when I'm the happiest I've ever been with my fiance?
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