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A Boyfriend You Never Met ! (Relationships Dream)
Hi. I know im too young to use this website but im trying to do everything i can to find out what my dream meant because its bugging me. My names Chantel and Im 12 years old . Last night I had a dream that i was in school and I met this guy. He was Really rude at the beggining.. kinda like a bully Helper. But then I went up to him and he was kinda cute so I told him that I liked him. Right after he was really nice. He asked me out and then we were dating. That same second we were walking in the hallway and he grew VERYY tall and He got REALLY UGLY . His hes shape was changing deformed , He was really tall and big , his hair went wierd and Deformed , and his clothes started getting Geekinsh and Bootleg ( just expressing ) . After that I forsed myself to wake up.I dont know what it meant . I didnt even know the guy.Just in case someone needs to know about my Previous Dream to answer my dream I'll tell you the 2 dreams before Last nights. 2 nights before the dream I fell asleep. Shortly after I fell Asleep I dreamth that it was REally dark in this room and there was a kareoke song on with Lyrics flashing lights ( like on Kanye West's Music Video"Good Life " ) and then the lyrics started changing into horrifying Lyrics.I panicked so I was Forsing my self to wake up . After i woke up I tried Moving but my body wouldnt move. I was forsing myself to move but i couldnt. Its like while i was slepping my spirit left me there. I could move anything .Then after my body moved finally and after it moved i started moving my leg slowly. It was the scariest night ever.Afetr i couldnt fall back alseep. I was too scared.A month before this dream I had a dream. In that dream ,my Crush Perry, was coming over to my mansion(in my dream) to eat that same mansion when we went to the kitchen .my friend Karina, Her mom was in the kitchen talking to my mom . I turned around and she dissapeared and all you hear is poeple saying she died.After we were just about to start eating when somehow me and Perry and some kids (iunno if they were people i knew, im not sure) Dissapeared and we were under the table. after we disapeared in to this cave with Perry and the kids and then there were colourful lights with loud music and we were dancing and stuff . After wedisapeard and ended up in this desert with Perry ( nobody else , just me and Perry) and then l8ter he disapeared and then I woke up. I know i had the most strangest dreams . If anyone can help me out PLEASE HELP ME .. im bugging myself over these wierd dreams .. ok .. thanx .. bye
Dream Symbols from our Dream Dictionary:beggining | bully | clothes | dreams | flashing lights | hallway | kanye west | last night i had a dream | lyrics | mom

Dream Dictionary Type: relationships dream
Dream Posted on: 02/19/08
Dream Interpretations: 3 dream interpretations
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Posted on March 1st, 2008:
Bohonghong : I do go good with guyz so u shouldnt be talkin cuz u donno me at all .... and ...
Maggiemye: Thanx .. ur comment made more sence to me .. thank you VERRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYY much !
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Posted on February 19th, 2008:
you probably got some horrifying experience with boys
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Posted on February 19th, 2008:
Your dream is showing you that there are people that are very different in the heart than what they are allowing you to see. This is a warning dream from God to help you make good decisions about the type of people you THINK you want to hang out with as well as those you DO hang out with. Ask God for understanding and courage to do the right thing and with help to know good from evil.
Why do you think you're too young to have dreams from God? You are not!
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