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Baby With An Old Face? (Relationships Dream)
I can't remember much from the dream , just that I had been walking down my street, and my neighbor pulls up in her car with her newborn granddaughter, and the baby is perfectly healthy, except that it has an old face. It's all caked in makeup, and I just remember asking why she had makeup, and my neighbor said something like "there's nothing wrong with her, I just wanted her to have makeup." but the baby's face was just so OLD looking. All leathery and stuff. I just really want to know what this means? I couldn't find anything online anywhere.
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Dream Dictionary Type: relationships dream
Dream Posted on: 06/26/12
Dream Interpretations: 1 dream interpretation
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Posted on June 26th, 2012:
I find this dream very interesting indeed. It resonates immediately with my own beliefs (and although a minority I know many others who believe the same or similar.) The way I look at the dream is like this:

The baby itself represents new life, new beginnings but also pure divinity. That the baby's gender is female is important: this is not just representative of any divinity but that which has been specifically labelled the feminine divine. (I won't go in to detail here except to say that The 'Feminine Divine' is very topical at this time amongst certain new age/spiritual groups.) The old face is representative of an old soul. The baby is newly born but it's soul is not. An old soul has been reincarnated. Your neighbour can also see the old face (soul) but struggles to accept it. She therefore uses makeup to try and conceal the face. But it doesn't work, you and therefore everyone else can still recognise the old soul within this divine being. Therefore the dream is an indication of a future time when newborns will come forth in to this physical world demonstrating elements of who they had been in previous lives.

If my interpretation is right then your own position within the dream is also interesting. You pick up on the old face despite the make-up and your clearly concerned that a baby would be wearing make up. You are probably a compassionate person and are also able to see deeper into people.
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