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Blinding Light (Relationships Dream)
I am back at college . It seems it is the lunch room of the community college I attended before this one, but in the dream this is never specified. There are streams of people. I sit to the side among many tables and chairs. I meet a pretty young girl. She says she loves me and sits on my lap and kisses me, holding my head so I cannot move my head away. Finally after the second kiss I get my lips free of hers and tell her I have a girlfriend and I cannot be unfaithful. Perhaps when I talk with her arrangements could be made - but not now. Her name is Amber, same as my girlfriend. I comment that I must have a thing for the name

I am outside in the snow walking. I come to a hill where there is a sleigh circling it, pushed by hops with Calvin in the front. On closer examination they are made of plastic and some mechanism moves it. It leads to a place where it looks like it wants to go up the hill but does a little circle instead and goes around again. In the circle is a boy selling drinks. His customers can hop on the sleigh and it will take them straight to him. I move past and up to a large mountain pass. There's a place under - a foundation or a cavern. I army crawl under. There are mythic beasts here but I can only see their tracks - first out in the snow now here. I see witches tracks.

I'm with mama and my step father on a walk near the beach. She's heard there's a new coffee place, we part places and I go to a little ring of stone. There's a boulder in the middle and on top is the super awesome stone of ultimate power. I hop up onto the boulder and look at the stone. It occurs to me that I could take it since it's unguarded but then think "Nah" - then two guards walk by and I realize it is guarded. I think if I'm caught here my excuse is that it's not terribly well guarded. I get out without incident.

From there I walk to the bunkers (an abandoned military instillation where I've spent many summers scaring tourists under the pseudonym ghost) As I enter at the top of the stairs there's a girl, kind of a combination of Madeline and Rosa - two people I know, curled in a ball in an alcove. I purr deep in my throat as I pass. A common thing to do for ghost. When I get down however I find the entire place is full of litter. Not little things but big stuff like a torn up couch and a broken telephone pole. And the normally dark passageways are lit with fluorescent lights. I go to the place I normally go to get dark vision and can't - blinded by the light and stumbling on the trash. My girlfriend, Amber, shows up and suggests we clean the place out and get the lights dimmed. We start cleaning, and the more trash that is removed the dimmer the lights become.
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Dream Posted on: 12/29/12
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