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Cleaning House (Relationships Dream)

Had a dream that I had gone home but when I got there the house ended being my house with features of my exboyfriend's house added to it. When I stepped in the living room, there was no furniture and the girl he is presently seeing was in the passage wiping the floor and I stood there looking at her, beside her was a little girl about 8-9 years of age. She then went into the bathroom and swept it out for about 5 minutes. I then went down to the bathroom to use it but when I got in the mat that goes around the toilet, one edge was bent and there was a bungle of hair there so I came out, got a broom and started sweeping it out but when I started sweeping there was just this whole heap of dirt that kept coming out while I swept and I kept saying didn't she just sweep out the bathroom.

When I got to the bathroom door now to go and get something to pick up the dirt, she was passing and said, "excuse me, who are you and what do you think you are doing?" I responded gently by putting my hand on her sholder and said "don't worry dear, who I was is who you are now so you don't have to worry" and she walked off and went to the next bathroom with the little girl.

I then went into what was now the kitchen along with some persons I know from work and we chatted a little and then everyone left me and one male there and we spoke a little more and then he left.

When I came out of the kitchen I entered the living room again and the girl was there wiping the place and as I passed her she said she can't stand how everybody just walking up and down in the place and I responded by saying, "Loraine, are you talking to me?" and she responded by saying no and then she said if you know what me know you leave here before David come (that's my ex) and I looked at her and said nothing. While standing there I was looking at the verandah and I noticed that the tiles were very dirty each mop swirl was evident as the water dried you could see the dirt as if she was using a dirty mop and this was througout the whole house.

When she was finished she said to the little girl, "now that we are finished we can bomb up the place now". I became supicious and looked towards were she was going and realised that she went to the backyard and around there were some huge looking missiles resembling bullets. I went out on the verandah and when I got there, my father was sitting on one of the chairs and I noticed that missiles stared coming over the roof and landing on the sidewalk across the street from me in neat rows. She then threw something and the missiles went off.

After that I found my self standing in my driveway near to the gate wondering how is it that she is cleaning the place and yet it is so dirty. My mother had come home by then and the house phone rang. I was looking up the road as the house is near to the corner and I saw Loraine leaving with a dark man, not sure who the man is but the description of the woman was not the description of Loraine but someone else I knew but in the dream it was supposed to be her leaving, she was going to church.

When my mother answered the phone the call was for the little girl and I looked inside and saw mummy giving her the phone, she only had on her panties and a shorts, no top and she climed over the settee which was no back in the living room and went behind the chair to take the call and put on her blouse.

David then drove up and came and stood in front of me looking in my, face, I walked away and went to the other side of the driveway and he was stilll staring at me very blankly. The dream ended there.

NB: I recently (three weeks ago) broke up with my boyfriend (David) because of this same Loraine which happens to be someone I know and who is having an affair with.
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Dream Dictionary Type: relationships dream
Dream Posted on: 01/02/07
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Posted on January 3rd, 2007:
Hi. I may have some insight for this dream. It sounds like this house may represent your relationship with your ex, David. I say this because parts of the house look like yours, and parts look like his. Loraine is cleaning everything so it seems like she has entered a messy house that does not belong to her. To me this could represent her entering into a reltionship with someone who is not ready, or has not cleaned up the house before inviting her in (this is David). Of course the two of you broke up so recently, how could he have time to go through all of these feelings and be ready for a new relationship? The scene where you go into the bathroom and try to help clean it I think represents you feeling like there is so much emotional grime to work through regarding your relationship. I think your dream also shows that you feel that Loraine is not able to work through that baggage(or clean the house properly). It also seems like you don't feel you can work through it either, because more and more dust keeps coming out of the bathroom when you try to sweep it. I am not sure about the little girl. It is possible this little girl represents you - suddenly alienated in your shared house with a new woman taking care of you (or living in this house which respresents the relationship you shared with David). Almost like a lost little girl. The little girl could also represent Loraine, wandering around a new place. Regardless of who this little girl represents, I think the fact that she is not fully dressed is a clue that whoever it is isn't prepared, isn't ready so to speak. I think maybe the part of the dream where Loraine gets mad that everyone is walking through the house represents her feeling like too many people are involved in her relationship with David. She probably doesn't want anyone to see this mess she is trying to clean up. I am curious to know the description of Loraine when she is leaving with the dark man. Whoever she looked like when she was leaving - maybe a character from a movie, or someone else you know - think about who and what this person is to you, and probably you will see that Loraine has some similarities. Or maybe this person is very different from her, but has qualities that you fear will surface in Loraine. That's all I've got for now! I hope this helps. :)
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