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Dumb Dream Really (Relationships Dream)
I was on this buss, with my last girlfreind. There was this guy who had a gun or something, he sort of hijacked the buss. But it was kinda weird, cause we were in the middle of nowhere. Like there was no real reason to do what he did besides to simply scare people or cause chaos. Which I think was his motivation really. Either way, I kinda got in this fight with him, he tried to shoot me etc. Its like one of these cliche stories were you do something heroic and save the day kind of thing. Except that nobody was happy that I did. The guy threaten the buss driver I remember and just people in general, I cant remember if he tried to kill anyone tho, but he certainly tried to kill me. He truly despised me. Which I know that is very typical when it comes to me and bullies for example. They hate me so much, lol. Either way I ended up braking his neck and I think I must have sub-conciously thought it was such a movie cliche in the dream even. Cause you know in the dream the "bad" guy always comes back, lol. So to be sure, even after breaking his neck I broke both his arms just to be sure. lol. Cause then he couldent shoot me in the back, haha. He never got up anyway. Was a long intense fight tho I might add. Was much mindgames, well okey. I was the one playing mindgames on him. And we covered a lot of ground even during our fight. Cause when I broke his neck etc I was outside, about 50m from the buss. But the thing is, my impression of the dream was that it was more about my relationship with this girl. There was never any thank you from anyone even, for saving there lives. Infact everyone kinda seem to view me as the villian. She certainly did anyway. There was never any concern about me, that I might die. Never any thoughts about my well being whatsoever. Which I know I felt like that a lot some weeks ago(soon a month maybe) regarding this girl. Like she wouldent care at all what kind of pain I was in. No sympathy or compassion. The dream ended so quiet. Was not a word spoken, by anyone. Wasent any cheers or anything. Nobody said anything. A buss full of people, not one word or sound. While I have often felt like a monster sort of, that was kinda how they viewed me I guess. While I can see why ofc. It was just strange, how quiet it was. Its weird, even tho it was this crazy guy that died. In the dream it was like me being the one that was jugded and executed.
Dream Symbols from our Dream Dictionary:50m | buss | cause chaos | cliche | compassion | conciously | death | girlfreind | intense fight | jugded

Dream Dictionary Type: relationships dream
Dream Posted on: 12/09/12
Dream Interpretations: 1 dream interpretation
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Posted on December 9th, 2012:
A bus represents the part of our life journey where we are conscious of the need to travel with other people. It gives us an opportunity to reflect on how we are "in relationship" with others.

If this were my dream I would reflect on "no reason to do what he did besides to scare people or cause chaos".

Also "I was the one playing mindgames on him."

I would reflect on this other guy as a part of myself - and work on getting to know him better.

Our conscious mind is only 10%; which leaves 90% unconscious - and 96% of our behavior comes from the unconscious part of ourselves.

You will find dream work an invaluable tool - and a fascinating journey.

Best Regards,
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