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I had a dream that I was living a new life, and I felt like that dream occured years after, well, reality. Let us just say that it is the future. That things I worry about today are gone and that si have continued moving on from a love that, well, until now I do not know what that was.

I have not achieved so much yet in life, but I did not care much. I still had depression, but was coping up with it. Then in my dream, I had to attend an event where I poshed up and all. Wearing a black dress with corsette and heels. I did not see anyone I know to talk to before the event started. I sat alone on a stone at a garden near by. I had a basket of black flowers. Not sure why. Then I saw him. The one whom I loved, but I am not sure he loved me back. Not even sure if he knew I liked him. But if ever, I knew it would not come from me. He was with a girl, whom I am not sure if she was his girlfriend. But nonetheless I felt a pang of jealousy. I wish he does not see me, at the same time I wish he does.

Then the event began with a grand entrance which included me. Those who preceded me had to wait before they enter because they are introduced or something. So when it was about my turn, I waited. The,guy behind me was signaling me to get in, but I did not. Then I realized that I had to get in and I was not that important to be introduced. Upon entering the event hascstarted already. Cannot seem to find me a seat. No one is offering. Then when I was able to get a seat, I saw him in the front row, I was at the back by the way, and he sat next to the girl. He seems to have been an important person in the event. I decided to run away.

Upon coming home, my sister saw me, and asked me what happened. I said he was there. And so? Then I answered that my dress was uncomfortable.

I was going somewhere and phoned my bestfriend. However I was not able to tell her about it cause the line got cut off. I got off at some place peaceful and was naked. Then he saw me. I ran inside the washroom to put on some clothes and when I did and came out, he said "Hi " and hevwas not looking at me. He seemed or made it seem that he was not really approaching me, but the girl. That he, did not care nor about did he recognize me. But the black flowers. Those that I left when I ran away. They were with him.

I rushed away irked and embarrassed and wanted to talk about it to someone but everyone refused to talk about it. Not even ky mom nor my sister nor,my shrink. I was frustrated. I tried to just speak up but no one listened. And I complained that I was depressed and for me to feel better someone has to talk to me then I woke up.

1 He is real, but in waking life, I knew that I moved on already, I have,not been thinking of him but after this dream
2 I suffered from depression but I am okay without medw now
3 He is really accomplished now despite the fact that he,is young, and I am not but I have plans to be
4 We never had a closure, we do not know what happened, or,maybe he does but whatever we had was,long gone
5 I wanna know what it means cause it has been a while since Ive thought nor dreamed of him, and sudeenly this. Please help me.
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Dream Dictionary Type: relationships dream
Dream Posted on: 01/20/13
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Posted on January 20th, 2013:
All the characters in a dream are personifications of the dreamer’s feelings. Unresolved issues often create a conflict within the psyche. There are times when people find themselves in a position where they haven’t dealt with their true feelings. When this occurs and these suppressed feelings are not resolved on a conscious level, they become relegated to the graveyard of our subconscious where they eventually come back to haunt us. In actuality, it is a healing process. With that said, let’s select a few symbols and work with those. Within the theme of your dream, black flowers symbolize the death of your relationship which your dream is having you witness (attend) in ceremonial fashion.

You feel you didn’t make a grand entrance with your partner, making you feel unimportant. (You have issues concerning self-worth.) Then you run away from the issue instead of dealing with it.

Our attire symbolizes our persona and you feel uncomfortable with yours.

You said, “I got off at some place peaceful and was naked. Then he saw me.” Here the dream is telling you that to find peace you must get naked (take off that persona) and let him see you. Remember “he” is you; he is the other side of the equation that must be balanced out. But you are “embarrassed” (ashamed?) and run away to put your persona back on so you have something to hide behind.

But he wasn’t looking at you; he was looking at the other girl (the real you) she was who he wanted. But instead, you turned and ran. –End of story, end of relationship.

The final line of your dream is the most important and should be taken literally, “I was depressed and for me to feel better someone has to talk to me.”

I don’t know what type of psychology your shrink practices, but there is a therapeutic approach called “Dialoguing,” a Gestalt technique that may be of benefit to you.

-I do hope this helps.
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