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Lonely (Relationships Dream)
I keep having this dream . The details are always different but the dream is always the same. It always goes like this: First I go on vacation. the places are never the same, but they are all equally boring to me. Then a relative or friend always introduces me to a friend of theirs. It kinda seems that the guy stays the same in all of the dreams, but the details are a little blurred. So anyway, in every dream me and the friend of some relative or friend always gets close through a series of accidental encounters. As we talk we we become close and by the end of the dream we are so in love it is as if we are soul mates. (I don't even believe in soul mates, by the way) And in every dream I have to leave. There is always a terrible goodbye before I wake up and when I do wake up I am filled with such a terrible feeling of loss that my heart actually hurts. The weird thing about the dreams is that they span such a long period of time. It isn't like I meet a guy, then bam! I'm in love. In one night I get to know this person inside and out. Just thinking about the dreams makes me sad. I would love it if someone had any ideas about what they might mean.
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Dream Dictionary Type: relationships dream
Dream Posted on: 12/28/06
Dream Interpretations: 6 dream interpretations
Dream Rating: 4.67
Reaction to this Dream: sad
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Dream Rating: 4.67 (Join to rate)
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Posted on May 21st, 2011:
Here's my interpretation... You fear that if or when you do love and care for somebody as much as is associated with a soulmate, you will lose them in some way. So you fear falling deep in love, and losing the loved one, and you will not be able to bear it.
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Posted on September 6th, 2011:
Ok, let's analyze this. In the dream you "always go on vacation to somewhere that is boring to you"

Why are you "going somewhere to meet someone?"

"A friend or relative always introduces you to 'someone'"

Hmmmm relying on someone else to find you a mate? Trust your own instincts and judgement.

"By the end of the dream we are so in love-we are like soulmates"

While I do believe there are people who "click" and seem to be the complimentary part of each other-with the other facets of your dream I would say this is "fairy tale" ending belief.

"Then I have to leave-terrible good bye-your heart hurts"

Of course you have to leave!-You are not even where you live! You have not mentioned where the "vacations" take place-but clearly they are somewhere that you have to return home from. So, you are from one place and he from another.

Over all, you are lonely and would love to meet someone to share everything in your life with. The "vacations" seem to imply you are "seeking" this person and the fact that someone always introduces you-implies that you are not relying on your own judgement of men or have not assessed what you are truly looking for in a mate.

While Romance is a wonderful thing, what we have been conditioned to believe it is-is quite another.

Assess the qualities you want in a mate, trust your own judgement about possibilities and keep to your own area of your life. If you have no outlets to meet men on your own, assess your own likes and interests and find a way to do them-in so doing, not only will you find self-fulfillment-you may also find the person your soul is seeking.
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Posted on September 9th, 2010:
peut etre de bien que tu cherche avec un amis voulais vraiment vivre avec un femme cérieuse
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Posted on March 22nd, 2011:
Have you ever read a book called Woman Who Runs With The Wolves? I can really recommend this book.

This dream may not be connected with yearning for an external lover but rather some inner sanctum. Perhaps it is a part of yourself you are not paying attention to. The fact that the dream is recurring suggest its importance. Time to connect to your instinctive voice.

You describe this lover as a soul mate, perhaps take this literally. It is a desire to connect with your true self yet the fact that you feel over whelmed with sadness after this dream, and it takes place on vacation, indicates that you are not living in the reality of truly being connected to your self.

Before you go to sleep ask your consciousness to show you what you have to do to help yourself. And have a read of this. The story is called Seal Skin / Soul Skin about a woman who needed to dive into herself to connect with the ancient, and wise voice in us all.
Scroll down until you get to the story:
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Posted on November 5th, 2011:
You are trying to find excitement and fullfillment in your life but everything seems boring to you and you can't find fullfillment. You think the answer is in relationships and for a time these moments of love do help but ultimately you will be back at the beginningtrying to find meaning and will be left heartbroken.

we cannot find fulfillment only in each other and in men, we need to find our answer in our creator , who made us and knows us inside out, who knows our path in life and will fullfill us.
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Posted on January 10th, 2012:
You fear you will fall in love and and dragged away from the person. I get the feeling you feel you are lacking a certain closeness in your life. Hang in there things will improve
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