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I was somewhere. It was some kind of a city. But I'm not exactly sure where I was. Now, I was doing nothing in particular, when all of a sudden... things started happening. That's really the best description I have. There were explosions everywhere, but the explosions didn't have any fire or smoke, just loud sounds and property damage. And people were freaking out all over the place. Suddenly, my body started moving against my will. Me and all the people around me got into this big circle, got down on our knees, and pressed our heads to the ground. I heard praying, and out of the corner of my eyes, I could see people walking around in circles around us. They were all wearing robes and carrying these weird golden... things... They were like staves and swords and shields and stuff like that. And each person had a different color robe. I know for sure that there was a red robe, a yellow robe, a purple robe and a blue robe, and I think the others were white and green... and there may have been a black robe...

I really wanted to look up and see who these people were, but something in the back of my head was screaming at me that it was a bad idea and I shouldn't do it. I looked around at the people around me, and one guy looked up and looked at the people. Then he got scared and looked back at the ground. I don't know what he saw, but I took my eyes off of him, and when I looked back, he was gone. And it kind of kept going like this for a while, until I was the only one left. Then the people in robes disappeared, and there was a guy in front of me. I couldn't see him, but at the same time I could see him... I don't know how to explain it. It was like I could see him perfectly, but at the same time I could see straight through him completely. Like one of my eyes was looking at him and the other was looking behind him. The same voice that was in the back of my head before told me it was God. I don't get how I knew that, but I did. He never said he was God, but I'm going to go ahead and assume that He was.

God was really friendly to me. He kept smiling at me and he spoke in a very calm, reassuring voice. He also seemed a little bit out of it. I wouldn't say He was high, but maybe slightly elevated. Like He took one hit from a joint about 2 hours ago. I know that sounds blasphemous, but that's the impression I got. He started asking me all sorts of questions. He asked me how my life was going, and I said it was fine. He asked me if I was happy, and I said I was. Then he told me that I had lived a good life, which confused me, because I'm only 17. So I asked him, "What do you mean? I've barely lived at all?" And then he told me that I'd lived more that a lot of people who were older than me, which really confused me, since I live something of a sheltered life.

In any case, the questions he was asking me started getting less personal, and more like a test. He asked me if I believed in the Trinity, and I said yes. Then he asked me to explain the Trinity, and I did.Then he asked me what the Trinity meant for humans, and I said it meant that since we're created in God's image, it means we're social creatures, and he told me I did a good job.

Then he started asking me questions I didn't know the answer to. The two I remember are A. Why are dogs the symbol of the Apocalypse? (Which I really didn't get, because I'd always thought horses were the symbol of the apocalypse. I even looked it up, and dogs are symbols for Gentiles, not the Apocalypse) And B. Name a divisive (I'm not sure if that was the word, but it started with "D" and it sounded something like that) book of the Bible.

And then he told me that I wasn't ready for something, and I needed to get ready. And he also told me that the Devil (he never used the word "Devil" or any synonym, but I'm assuming that's what he meant) would try to stop me, but I couldn't let him.

I honeslty can't decide if this is some kind of vision, or just a crazy-*** dream. On the one hand, it seemed more like a vision when I experienced it (not that I've had many visions, mind you... actually, I've had none) and the people in robes really seemed imporant. On the other hand, the things God said didn't always add up, but that could just be because my memories of the dream are hazy...

For the sake of my own sanity, I need to know that this was just a really weird dream. I hope this was a really weird dream. I've seen prophets. Those people are freaking crazy. I don't want to be one of those nutjobs running naked through the streets screaming that the end is coming.
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Dream Dictionary Type: Religious message dream
Dream Posted on: 12/31/09
Dream Interpretations: 4 dream interpretations
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Posted on April 30th, 2012:
Question A, If you arn't already aware of this, then I can explain. There is a technology that exists that lets pet owners to track their dogs because of a little microchip. The reason why this is important is because the government is trying to enforce microchip tags on the hand, arm, or forehead for all individuals with universal healthcare. This is no joke, look it up for yourself! I don't know if you see the connection here, but these tags could possibly be the mark of the beast stated in revelations. These tags are said to revolutionize society... Each tag has it's own serial number with all the medical information about that person. In addition, they are trying to use these tags for a digital currency system. As you can see, the mark of the beast, can also be seen as a microchip tagged dog. Question B, This word could be device. The microchip is a device...

The reason I found your dream description is because I had a dream that God sent three angels to send me a message. They told me that the end was coming, that I need to study the bible and go to church, and that I need to spread the word. This is no joke, you are not alone, and I too feel a bit crazy about my experience. If you are anything like me and had the most vivid and unforgettable dream, then obviously God is really trying to tell you something. I am really glad I found your page because I was doubting myself about the connection between our pets, these microchips, and the bible. It is stated in the bible that God contacts people through dreams! So don't doubt what you saw, because what you saw is extremely important and special. God obviously loves you very much because of the information he has shared with you!
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Posted on January 2nd, 2010:
I've never heard of this site, and for some reason I ended up on it. One of my favorite stories in the Bible are of Joseph. I'm not sure if you are familiar with it but God sent visions to Joseph thru dreams and they were usually a symbolic way of letting him know what was to unfold. God also warns us of things in our dreams. I myself have had a few dreams sent from God to warn me of things that have happened. Joseph could also interrperate dreams. (if you have not read the story, I recommend that you do, and if it seems hard to understand there was a movie made about it to help you as well)
Now, I cannot interpret your entire dream, but there are some things that seem to stick out to me. The "things" that started happening like explosions without smoke or fire are examples of attacks that we cannot see but feel. you felt and heard the explosions but did not see the cause of them (even though you knew what caused them in the dream). This may suggest the representaion of Satan constantly attacking our faith in God. We cannot see the attacks but we do feel them in our lives. It may also represent what to expect in the future. During tribulations, christians will constantly be attacked and persecuted. Even now today many people look down on christains and accuse them of being ignorant for believing in God.
The circle of people represent people's faith in God. And wanting to look to see who the people were walking around you with the robes represent sins and you were being tempted to stray from your faith in God (the circle of people). The voice in the back of your head telling you not too, is indeed God telling you to keep your faith in him so that he may protect you. The circle kept getting smaller because people kept giving into their temptation. You being the only one left suggests that you will feel alone at sometimes because you choose to keep your faith in God. But you never will be. As long as you trust that God will protect you, he will. To prove this, he appeared to you after all of the things that happened to be with you. And you said you felt calm when he did. The conversation you had with God was a series of questions. At first, he asked you about your life personally. Then he asked you about things you didn't know. This means that you need to ask yourself about things that may happen in the future, and is your faith strong enough for you to be protected by God. He is warning you that you need to be prepared for when he comes back. You even said that he said that in your dream that you are not ready but you need to get ready. Things are about to get worse and he just wants to make sure that you are prepared for it.
Please don't worry that you are going to be one of those people that run naked up and down the street yelling "the end is near", you not. there are plenty of normal people that have dreams, visions, etc. that are well respected in the world. Some even as boring as me, and I am a college student and photographer. There maybe other people who can interrperet your dream, and you dream may have multiple meanings. But God always sends someone to you to interrperet them for you if you cannot make sense of them yourself. I hope that mine makes sense to you, and I will pray for you that God will continue to guide you and protect you from any harm that may come your way. God Bless =)
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Posted on January 18th, 2010:
Don't confuse yourself with all the details in this dream. All the explosions, people in robes are people in this realm and the spiritual realm. There is a battle in both realms for us to conquer. This being that you feel was God, may well have been, the focus is not on who, but rather what....what has been said...You need to get ready, you have what it takes, there will be opposition, but you can overcome and do what He has said you can do.
Believing is the most important, and then faith will pull you through. The battle is God's and you will be his vessel.
Blessings and prayers for you.
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Posted on March 20th, 2013:
I dream that I am struct by a light from the wall of a catholic church, and heard the voice saying my faith is not stable yet. afterwards I saw the big black man holding the statue of baby jesus. and I heard the voice from the wall God talking to me using another language and I cant understand it. Afterwards.and I dream of my family having party in our house ang my youngest sister drove the car and nearlycause an accident
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