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A Prophecy? (Religous/Spiritual Dream)
I had a dream (more than once) that I was a male priest (I am a female) in a huge cathedral church and someone of GREAT biblical importance died and was close relatives to about 300 people which were at his funeral. During the funeral service a black mist rolls through the church killing everyone who was a blood relative of the man who the funeral service was for. As the black cloud rolled thru I (the priest) was standing in the hallway and as I turned around I looked up and could see thru the ceiling. As i was looking I saw 3 baby/childlike angels. One was turquoise with white wings, one was gold like jewelry with white wings and the last one was caucasian with white wings. They were guarding an egg. Suddenly the egg fell out of the nest, all 3 angels swooped down to try to save it but right before it hit the ground my dream flipped to a different scene. In this scene I was an archeologist (a male whom i felt had extreme biblical importance) named Peter that was excavating an area in Israel. It was set in the biblical days but we had modern technology (computers, cell phones, ect...). With that said myself and my excavation crew stumbled upon a cave with 7 statues each with a thick leather bound book but the statue that stood out the most was a statue of a man sitting on a throne with a staff in his left hand and some kind of animal sitting on his right side on the floor. This animal had a cheetah head, a lions body, a snake tail and paws like a bear. His statue had the thickest book and an inscription on the base of the statue that said "The Antichrist". In the dream these books were of great importance so we took them to study them. And the next day right before we were supposed to leave I/Peter had died mysteriously. There was more but I only remember bits and pieces cause it flipped to something else.
Dream Symbols from our Dream Dictionary:3 angels | antichrist | archeologist | bits and pieces | black cloud | cathedral church | caucasian | cheetah | different scene | excavation

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Dream Posted on: 12/03/12
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