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Omigosh. Sooo i was in the same school that im always in when i dream (not the same one tht i attend in real life) but i remember the same layout and its always the same school, when i go to school, in my dreams. There was a basement down these stairs and i was with my one friend (been talking since preschool) and the whole school goes down seperate flights of stairs to the basement below. And i guess the basement used to be a part of the school because there were blue lockers on both sides of the hallway. The lighting was dim and the halways were like a maze. So im walking wit my friend, a couple classes are ahead and behind me. And there was an intercom system set up i guess and the speakers were attached in the corners of the hall, between the wall and ceiling. And there was this weird, happy almost classical loud piano music coming out of all of them. And we keep walking going left and right and left. (it was a maze) until we finally get to this big door. The door was green and had a lion painted on it but it was all chipped and old. One of the teachers (she had glasses) opened the door and we all walked in. At firs i could see nothig but black and then the light came on. It was a classroom. There was a blackboard toward the front with white chalk on it (dunno wht it said), a brown desk against the front wall, a plant underneath the board and a buncha student desk (the older kinds) spread throught the room in a pattern. The floor was gray. Ceiling was white tiles. Then my friend suddenly holds my hand so i look over at him. Hes looking toward the back corner away from the class. I look over and the corner is black. Just tht corner was painted black unlike the rest of the room. (now the classes ahead of us are gone but there r still ppl behind us) i then look back at the board and suddenly notice people in the room. Theres a teacher with red hair (curly) standing with her mouth open in unspoken words. Her hand is raised in a lefture and the other hands on her hip. I look at the class. There are two students. Both boys. Both are sitting up straight in the chairs, hands folded. One had a ring on (dont remember much) and was sitting toward the back and the other was closer to me. The whole time this loud classical piano music is coming out of the speakers. And the class is frozen. Students have eyes open and teacher still has her hand in the air and the other on her hip. Now the classes behind us start pushing and my friend squeezes my hand. I look over at him and hes looking at me. And he doesnt blink. He keeps his eyes open and they just dont move and i look down at his band and its purple. I let go and the class behind us seperate us. The push me to the black corner where its now white. And now i switch to another dream... Ill type tht later cuzz it has no reference to this one. Im kinda creeped.
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Dream Dictionary Type: Reoccuring nightmare dream
Dream Posted on: 04/09/12
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