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Cave Man (Running Dream)
I can't remember the first part of my dream ; what I can remember is I was at school and a new building had been built. I walked inside with two other people that felt familiar, though I didn't know who they were. It was clean, white and plain inside with a tiled floor. In the corner was a large glass elevator packed full of people, which was rising to a second floor. Suddenly, one of the people beside me started making "whooshing" noises like waves and she raised her arms up and down in the air - like she was mimicking a wave. Her voice sounded like mine. Suddenly, a huge amount of clear, blue water washed all the people in the elevator away and the elevator came back down. I found this very exciting and I wanted to experience the same thing as well. We stood right under the elevator as it was coming down and the same friend started making "whoosh" noises and arm motions again. But before the elevator reached us, it dissolved and disappeared.

The two other people and I decided to walk through a door just to the left of the elevator. We entered into a large corridor that looked like a laboratory. Everything was white, expect for the dark blue doors that covered each side of the corridor. Strange noises, like animals and humans moaning or mumbling, came from the doors. We started walking faster and faster until we reached a door at the end of the corridor and got outside.

Outside was like a childs' safari book. The landscape was comprised of unrealistic colours and carried a strange feel to it. Suddenly a cave man appeared, but he was huge (about the size of Hagrid in Harry Potter) and I couldn't see his face because his head was so small and he had a lot of ginger curly hair. I could just see is eyes. Then I felt the urge to run away. Not from the cave man - I don't know what. I was, however, unnaturally calm. There was a fence beside me. It was made up of brick about a metre high and the had two rows of barbed wire that looked like they were made out of plastic string: one was pink and one was dark blue. There were two lines of normal wire above that. I was going to climb over it, but I thought I might be electrocuted (I have recently been electrocuted by a fence). I picked up a piece of long green grass (not the grass we have in England, a more tropical species) and touched the pink wire. It buzzed and threw the grass off.

Then I decided to start running. I don't know why - the urge to run away had gone. Only one of the people earlier accompanied me: the other one just faded away. We ran in a line, my friend was on the left, the cave man in the middle and I was on the right. Then we started to play a game, I don't know why, but the cave man said it was commonly played within his species. So the cave man was not human. In the game we had to take turns throwing a rock to each other, while we were still running, and try and hit the other person. I couldn't see my friend - all my attention was on the cave man. He said to throw it more forcefully, but he threw it gently to me. I threw it back softly as well and thought he was being gentle because we were human.

We were still running by that point, though we were running amazingly fast and doing miles in a mere few seconds. Nothing looked blurred, however, and I wasn't out of breath. I asked him whether he had killed any of his friends when he had played this game - he answered no. We then appeared to be on the top floor of a very tall building that was very thin. This was the finale of the game. The aim was (my friend was watching, as was another cave man who was perched on a window ledge) to either maim one person, or through them down into the safari below. The cave man explained this to me in my voice. I hopped onto the other window ledge (both windows were tall, thin and had no glass) and the safari park was over a hundred metres below me - I wouldn't survive a fall.

The cave man then sat on a sofa, with his chin resting on his had and said let me think of a way to beat you. I picked up a bin and looked around for a better weapon. I thought I should target the backs of his knees and other joints to try and knock him to the ground. He then charged and I managed to hold his arm and whack the back of his knee. However, the bin wasn't strong enough to land a proper blow and though his legs trembled, he didn't fall. Then he got me in a hold and threw me to the ground and started pushing down on my lower ribs. I had the feeling that he wanted to finish the game as quickly as he could. He pushed harder and harder, liked he underestimated the strength of my bones, until my bottom right rib broke cleanly. The pain was bad, but I could handle it and it wasn't as excruciating as I thought it would be. For some reason, when was trying to break my rib, he remained me of someone.

As soon as he broke my rib, I yelled: my rib, my rib, oh god, you broke my rib (I am not religious). Suddenly I was watching my dream outside of my body (though I could still feel the pain and the crack) and the view in my dream - like a camera - panelled upwards to view a setting sun. My words about my rib appeared, word by word, along the bottom: like subtitles. The were written in white with a light blue outline. The words then blew away in the wind and faded into dust.

I woke up.
Dream Symbols from our Dream Dictionary:arm motions | barbed wire | brick | broken bone | cave man | clear blue water | colours | curly hair | dark blue | fence

Dream Dictionary Type: Running dream
Dream Posted on: 08/03/12
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