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Scary, Stange School Evacuation (School Evacuation Dream)
I had a weird dream last night (in all likelihoods between 5:30 and 9:45-I woke up and fell asleep again at 5:30 and I woke up remembering the dream at 9:45):

I was at school. (It seemed like the last day) I was in a classroom where the seating was like English (Miss Verin) (I was supposed to sit next to 'Desmond', my boyfriend-to-be, and there were 4-person tables) but the classroom (EG front direction, door location, location in proximity to other areas of school) was like my Algebra 1A classroom (Mr. Johnson). I was standing at my table, but Winter was sitting in my spot and Francie was sitting across from them. They both are bullies in RL (Francie more so) and I hate them both. They have this ongoing idea that it’s okay to announce that Desmond and I are going out (which we aren’t and never have as of today) both to the public and just asking if I dumped/went out with him yet. But that isn’t in the dream. I pull up a chair and sit at the end of the table. We have short races. Desmond was supposed to run, but a weird girl I don't know goes instead. Desmond is confused.

After a minute or so, everyone gets up and then we are cleaning out lockers, which are inexplicably in the classroom. My locker is empty; I have one book-Eldest, in paperback, by Christopher Paolini, with me. Desmond’s locker is very full, and I help him carry stuff out the door and then we are in the entrance area of the school, near a stuffed eagle in a glass box (it's there in real life, too). I set his stuff down in a corner and walk over to the 2-choice lunch line from the south-east entrance to the cafeteria. There is only one choice today: Rattlesnake pizza. Um. Gross. I walk over to the [normal] pizza line instead.

Suddenly, an alarm sounds, and Mr. Jones, the principal, says over the intercom: “Evacuate the building immediately. Evacuate immediately.” I start running, but slow down once I see that no one is really alarmed. The girls and boys file into their respective bathrooms. Inexplicably, I see Desmond through the wall between the two bathrooms. He looks annoyed, confused, and somewhat in a hurry-though he is walking. Suddenly, I am at the end of a tunnel-seeming thing, outdoors. There is a chain-link fence blocking any direction but forward (and backward) for several yards. It is gray, with a light east-going wind and some rain being blown into the side of my head. I jog, arm raised to block the rain, over across a parking-lot looking area (with no markings) and onto a different area. Mr. Smith (who is not one of my teachers) shoos me along. I find that Eldest is gone! I see a girl-Sara., upon reexamination, neither friend nor foe-who has a book similar-looking (but more like Brisinger in hardback than anything else-a gold-ish red color and black or dark grey or dark green-probable) to mine.

I run up to her and cry, “My book!” But then I realize it is a different version of Eldest, apologize, and walk away. I am over, a good few yards away, catching an airplane with red edges. Miss Verin picks it up after I miss it and asks who threw it. I raise my hand, but then, realizing I must have misunderstood to catch it, start to say that I didn’t throw it.

Miss Verin asks me, “Why are you throwing airplanes?”

I know it’s a rhetorical question, but I mutter, “Because we’re bored out of our minds.”

Miss V, ignoring me, says, “Because you know the rules say not to!” (Also, there is something about cherries-the red stuff on the edges?) I walk over to the edge of the boys’ exit and start pacing. Brian and Zoe, two of my friends, are out, but not Desmond. I pace for a long time, dread and anticipation crawling and growing inside me. Suddenly, he comes out-but the exit is blocked off. He turns and runs back inside. I almost call out, but he won’t hear me. I wish he would shout for everyone to get out, for not everyone is safe yet. I sneak around and get up the main stairs.

I call out and clap my hands, “Get out! Come on, 7th graders!” (I don’t know why I don’t call “Eagles!” [our school mascot is an eagle; it is also in the name of the school and is what we call ourselves] because there are 8th and 9th graders too, at least I think so, for there are none in the dream.)

As I run out again, Mr. Smith and Miss V. yell, “Who was that? We’re watching for you!” I ignore them. After an eternity of pacing once more, Desmond comes out of the correct exit. I ask him if he found me book. He shakes his head, out of breath. I am disappointed and afraid of why we evacuated.

I wake up at this point-I think it may have gone on longer, but my radio alarm went off.

All names have been changed

My school let out last Wednesday-5 days before the dream occured.
Dream Symbols from our Dream Dictionary:alarm sounds | algebra 1a | bullies | cafeteria | christopher paolini | desmond | entrance area | francie | glass box

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