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Arranged Marriages (Secret Love Dream)
Okay my dream was during the old medieval times where you had those arranged marriages. I was at a party and I was wearing a violet dress and I was with my friends and they were going to go sit outside but when I turned (sitting sideways in my chair) I seen my ex sitting by himself. In my dream he wasn't my ex, he was just another teenaged boy that lived in the same town as me and I sort of had a crush on him. So I decided to stay and keep him company. So we sat and talked and watched everybody dance. If we wanted to dance together it wouldn't have been allowed because only our parents chose who we could dance with. A drunk man left his bottle of alcohol idk what it was. Me and him took it and drank a little since we were bored and we started feeling tipsy and we got paranoid that one of our parents were going to notice us so we sat under the table and somehow our faces got close and we kissed and the kiss started to get a little passionate and then I guess we both realized what we were doing and we both stopped and he said "We can't do this" and I just nodded my head and said "I know" and he asked if I wanted to sneak off nd leave the party and I laughed and said yes so we left without anyone seeing us. We ran through the woods laughing and having fun. There was a type of stone looking house with nothing inside just abandoned. We explored inside and I layed down because I was tired and he came and layed next to me and I pushed him playing around and he did the same and so he was leaning slightly over me but on his side and all of a sudden we stopped laughing and looked at each other an he kissed me and this time the kiss led us to go extremely far and afterwards we fell asleep in each other's arms. I woke up in the morning realizing we stayed the night and I woke him up fast and we both laughed and started to walk back to town and we went to our homes sneaking to our rooms. When I went inside mine, my mom in my dream was someone I've never seen before, she was yelling asking me where I've been and she assumed I was with my ex because his family said he was missing too. She didn't want me talking to him because he wasn't the type of boy she would ever arrange me with. She started to talk bad about him and by the way I defended him she knew I had feelings for him. She got a bracelet that some young girls wore when their family found them a husband. She put it on my wrist and locked it where I couldn't take it off. Another party was coming up where the girls who had their husband chosen for them, would dance together and the girls and boys who weren't arranged yet would watch and other families could see who wasn't taken yet. I tried and tried to take the bracelet off but couldn't and I had no choice but to go with the bracelet on. I wore a beautiful red dress with my long hair curled and half way up. At the party everyone was eating and having a great time and I was looking for my ex. By the time I found him, he was across the room and we both quickly started going through the crowd to reach each other and then a bell rang which meant it was time for the girls to meet and dance with their future husbands. I stopped and looked at him and he was still coming towards me and held my face and asked what was wrong. I lifted my wrist and he looked at it with disbelief and he said "Let's leave let's leave" and he started to pull me through the crowd to the doors and my mom stopped us and told me to come with her and she pulled me away from him to where the future brides and grooms were lined behind another and she stood me next to a boy and he smiled at me and held my hand. The music started to play and couple by couple we were introduced to the crowd and everyone clapped and cheered for every couple. We started to dance and all I could do was keep my eyes on my ex. After 3 dances we all sat together to just talk with each other. I said I was going to get something to drink and walked over to the table with the food and drinks. My ex pretended to get something too and we talked secretly. Somehow our families ended up sitting together to talk about me and my ex sneaking off together. And my mom actually put the bracelet on me illegally. If the town found out she could've been locked away forever so they made a deal with her and told her if she unlocked the bracelet and canceled my arranged marriage, they wouldn't tell anyone what she did. She unlocked my bracelet and his parents talked to her about agreeing to have me and my ex marry. They thought I looked like a beautiful bride to be and our children would be beautiful too and she had no choice but to agree. And I woke up.
Dream Symbols from our Dream Dictionary:being controlled | bottle of alcohol | drunk man | faces | having fun | kiss | medieval times | mom | parents | secret love

Dream Dictionary Type: secret love dream
Dream Posted on: 11/21/12
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