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I had a dream that I was staying in this house/hotellish type place, it looked like a regular house but bigger and a hotel. With a butt-load of guest rooms. It was in this really cool city, and had malls and other neat places around it. We were assigned roommates, and everyone sort of shared the hotel facilities. My roommate was an Indian boy who was either my age or a lot younger than me; say 12-13. (I couldn't tell. All I know is he looked like Karan Brar the Disney star.) His name was Ravi or something like that. [Background Information: I have a thing (inside and outside this dream) where I nickname people based on who they look like or remind me of, and his mental nickname was Ravi Shankar (really the name of a guy who is famous for playing sitar and is Norah Jones' real father). Therefore I don't know if his name was really Ravi or not; I never actually called him by name. I heard his real name once (I forget what he said it was, in case I hadn't already clarified that), and from then on, it was Ravi this, Ravi that. I know his last name isn't really Shankar though.] So anyway, he and I started out as good friends, but we fell in love at first sight. One day, we figured out our feelings for each other - I forget how it happened, but I think we just sensed them. That night, we were sitting in our room when I walked over to him and he said something like "I like you, and I can tell that you like me too. Everyone's asleep. What do you say we do some stuff?" I was so happy, and he obviously was as well. We leaned in, and almost kissed, when all of a sudden my friend and someone I knew in 5th grade came in and interrupted us.

The next day Ravi and his mom showed me his Indian school, and we were sort of behind it. One of the doors had a 'qaf' on it, and Ravi asked me what it was. I told him that qaf is the Arabic letter "Q", and he was like "Oh, I get it now!"

After that, I went to the mall, and spotted Ravi every so often. We were trying to figure out ways to be with each other but we kept getting seperated. I went into a dark jeweler's shop where I saw my current boyfriend (he was the jeweler) making letters and phrases out of diamonds. When I asked what he was doing, he said "Making things from diamonds - it's all for the money!"

Back at the hotel, I saw Ravi again and we started talking. My mom then busted in and told me I needed to change clothes. I changed into something pretty, and then she pulled out some tampons and pads and started talking about them. I was like, "Moooom, quit it, Ravi is RIGHT THERE!" she was like "I'm sure he's seen a tampon before." I looked over at him and he said "I don't mind."

Later on, we were at some sort of dance-party/concert. There was a stage and seats but there was no band playing on stage, just a DJ. Also no one was sitting down, we were all standing up and dancing. I invited Ravi to have a dance with me, but he said "I don't dance." I was disappointed but I understood; I knew he was just shy.

For the remainder of our stay, everyone kinda knew to some degree about us, and we kept trying to kiss and stuff, but never actually got to because people kept interrupting/watching and we preferred something more private. THen some time later, Papaji (dad) and I took the train back home - Ravi may or may not have been on the same one; I don't remember ever saying "bye" to him though. For some reason I got off at one of the stops that came before ours, and then the train left WITH MY STUFF ON IT. I flew into a panic and started ranting and raving to some random stranger in a floppy hat who said she couldn't help me. Then Papaji appeared and said "It's ok." I said "No it's not, I saw the train leave." He was like "SH##!" I said "Yeah, my stuff is on there." He said "I got my stuff back from the other train, maybe we can get it back from this one."

At that point I woke up. At first I was relieved that I still had my bag, safe and sound, but then I was sad because if that was just a dream, then so was Ravi. I was like "AWWW!" Still though, I can still pretend he's real. Hehe. :P
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Dream Posted on: 06/28/12
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