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Mocking Through Seduction (Secret Love Dream)
It was just the two of us again in your room speaking about things that I don't even remember. I wonder if their was even true sound from our lips. It always starts like this. Foreplay in some sense and as usual, its eye for eye. Intense green for green. The true "speaking" comes through the connection of our eyes but "here" things have the ability to become physical (anything can happen in a dream). And, oh, it does happen, but as usual, it is only taunting; mocking what can never happen in reality.
I am sitting at a desk with you standing up over me bending down to my level. My hands (my being) are motionless and its not because I am holding back. Like some ungodly force of mockery you create, my hands are bond by invisible handcuffs to the desk surface. One hand grips tightly in a fist in frustration of both being unable to participate in this game, while on the flip side, being disgusted of actually enjoying this... wanting this. My other binded hand cleary showed that wicked side as it feebly and pathetically tried to reach up and grab any part of you that may come close enough.
Not sure how it began, though it doesn't matter, you start to place kisses around my face in a circle. Just having you so near to the point that I could easily feel your breath (which I oddly don't recall feeling), made me go numb. Each touch of your mouth, your lips, that connected to my skin, sent my heart into a dizzy frenzy. I was awe struck that this was even happening, and it clearly showed. My mouth lay open from both the desire you created, and shear shock. Yet, despite being particularly frozen, they (my lips) quivered. I knew what this was. Mockery? Oh, yes.... Mocking through seduction and I was feeling it eat me alive. I wanted you to kiss them. My lips! You came close on purpose but never did claim them. I felt like a being who was searching for water in a dry hot desert. You, the one at the well who'd give me a drink as I hoped, poured that life giving liquid around my face. So artifully that not one drop ever entered my dry mouth or moisted my cracked lips. I thirst! Just give it to me... End this struggle. Replenish me please! You are "my" water.
You never did in this dream or the ones before... Maybe the ones in the future but I doubt it. This scene with you was torture. Yet, bitter sweet at the sane time too. It wasn't romantic, but I remember feeling a sense of affection. Small as it was, it was enough for me to bare the pain. Each kiss held a hint of our bond that we held. I thought you would plain out tell me in real life to stop or indirectly send the message to leave this futile forbidden feelings I felt for you by now (like the others), but.. you never did. Its like you enjoy playing on this fine line (especially in my dreams). Never falling onto my side (even though you purposely pretend to wobble and get my hopes up) but always giving me a kind smile while I stand along on my side... waiting. It infuriates me, yet makes me melt. It's like that saying, "Love is friendship set on fire." We're friends. Friends that like to play with hot coals, but never letting them burn brightly together.

I had originally posted this as an experience to a group (I did not know their was a "dream" section in our profile *fail*), so... For more details/ information on this dream, you can just follow the link if you like : EP Link
Dream Symbols from our Dream Dictionary:affection | awe | bond | chained | circle | desire | desk surface | eye | eyes | fist

Dream Dictionary Type: secret love dream
Dream Posted on: 12/28/11
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