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Strange Affection (Secret Love Dream)
I know poeple dream all the time without remembering it, although it's been a long time since i actually remembered my dreams, and this clearly to!

The last week i have experienced dreams who spins my emotion. I wake up as i felt in the dream mixed with confusion because of how real the dream is.

My first dream was about me and this girl i hardly know. Which although i've felt attracted to because i know she's a great girl that looks good as well. Everybody who knows her loves her.

We started out as a couple, i didn't even reflect that i actually were togheter with her because you know... it's a dream, nothing makes sense. I felt happy for the first time in years. I was so glad to have such a beautiful, sweet girl at my side. It reminded me of something in the back of my head though... Which at some point got to me, we were inside some house i didnt recognize and all of the sudden the walls and the roof was gone. We were standing at a dock which looked like an amusement park. Kind of spooky and i felt cold. I could in that instant rememeber that feeling in the back of my head. I was already in a reletionship (which i am with my girlfriend in real life). I had totally forgotten all about her. I felt the anxeity and the sadness of loosing her (and by her i don't mean my girlfriend, which is strange because that's the logic lacking). She drifted away and my girlfriend stod behind me, i didnt turn around because i didnt want to see her face, i was now cheating on her all of the sudden which i would never do. I didnt feel bad in the dream, i felt bad because of loosing "the love of my dreams" littererly. I woke up right after the point i lost her, and i felt affectionate towards her. I have since.

Things are not good between me and my girlfriend, and it have not been in atleast 6 months. I don't want to leave her yet i want nothing else but to leave her. It's a long story but onwards with the dreaming.

I've spoken to the girl a few times since, nothing special just chit chating.

The night after that i had another dream about her although this was different. We were chased. It wasn't scary even though it was dark, i felt safe. Until we got separeted. I lost it, i looked everywhere for her, it was dark, i was tired and for some reason i had lost the ability to run so i had to walk, which was stressful because i wanted to find her, to make sure se was safe. I didn't grasp what was chasing us but it never got close enough, i just knew i had to run. I had to find her. Everything turned darker, from city to town, from town to forest, from forest to field. didn't find her anywhere, i dont remember when and why i lost her, she was gone all of the sudden. I woke up almost crying, feeling a huge amount of sorrow and sadness, like i've lost the love of a lifetime. That feeling stayed the whole day. I didn't speak to her that day.

The third and most recent dream was just the other day. I was again, with this girl. She's always caring and smiling in my dreams, which for some reason she wasn't. Now I was confused because i remember loosing her, which is strange because i never had her in the first place! I wanted to make her smile again, yet again she vanished. I felt darkness creeping, it was like she was the light and without her darkness could roam free to take or do whatever it wanted. The house, which we were in now turned old. Like a horror movie, i was really scared. This time i saw what was chasing me, and it was something i couldn't comprehend. It was a shadow which looked like me. I woke up right before it came at me, almost on the verge of screaming.

I don't remember much of the details but i remember the parts which made me emotionall. I don't know what it means but i do feel like there's a connection between me and this girl. I would never cheat on my girlfriend. It's not out of love but out of moral. Even if i hated her i wouldn't cheat on her.

I think about this girl all of the time, which has gotten me aloof and im fighting more and more with my girlfriend. I can't tell her about it (i really really can't). Yet i feel like i should be with someone else... Her. I want to get to know her, i want to see her smile, i feel like i know her emotionally and spiritually. Which i don't. Stupid dreams making me all confused. She's been through a lot as well. I know because we have mutual friends. I want to be there for her, but i can't. I want to be there, help her protect herself from anything harmfull. I think about her more and more and about my girlfriend less and less.

This is dangerous, i can't know her, i DON'T know her, ive hardly spoken to her. Yet i feel in my heart that i do.

I want answers. Not really on what to do.. but what could these dreams mean? Does it mean anything or is it something my brain just randomly selects? Why am i so emotional about this? I've been this emotional connected to a dream once several years ago, it's powerful and won't go away. I know that. I'm usually cool and collected but this has gotten to my head.

Sorry for my bad grammar and overall english.

Hope you've read it all and can provide something for me!

Thank you!
Dream Symbols from our Dream Dictionary:amusement park | anxeity | confusion | dreams | emotion | first dream | girlfriend | great girl | logic | long time

Dream Dictionary Type: secret love dream
Dream Posted on: 01/15/13
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