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Sometimes I see things.........seconds, minutes, days or more before they happen. Usually its as simple as just knowing a deer is about to run out of the trees onto the road in front of my car.............sometimes its taking a test in school and swearing that I've taken it before because I've seen it............................somehow. It happens at least once or twice a week.

I had this when I was younger............but not as acute. It seems to have intensified since I almost died after surgery a few years ago.

Sometimes I can say the exact words somebody is going to say before they say anything.

I say that I can see things......................maybe I shouldn't say see things...........................but more like..........I just know whats going to happen and can give details before the things actually happen.

I've told my wife numerous times after I've said such and such is going to happen............or so and so is going to say a certain thing.........and then after it happens....................I always say that it sucks to be right.

The couple of people that know what I do have joked............why don't you see the lottery numbers????

If doesn't work that way. It usually happens when I need to keep myself, or someone close to me safe, and out of harms way.

Sometimes........................I wish I could control what I see and feel. I knew my father was going to die 5 minutes before he actually did.

Sometimes............................I wish there was an on off switch.

I do explain to somebody that something good or bad is going to happen........................most people will look at you like you're some kind of nut case.

Sometimes, I wish I could just make it go away.
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Dream Posted on: 09/21/09
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Posted on October 4th, 2010:
wow, i cannot believe how similar your experiences are to mine.

When i was about 12-15, every morning i would sit in a chair and look out a window, not really at anything, just staring.

When i did this, i would, sort of daydream? or something like that, and i would see images and visions of things.

At the time i thought nothing of it, maybe just an active imagination.

Years later i started having experiences that i couldnt explain, i started seeing events before they happened, the first one that i saw that i think initiated the rest was my grandfather dieing.

I was asleep 3am in the morning, and then i woke up for no apparent reason, then i had a vision of my grandfather, in a room of white, falling onto his back.

The phone rang.

The next morning all us kids were gathered into a room, and before my mum could say anything, i said: Grandpas dead isnt he.

My mum was shocked and asked how did you know, i shrugged and said i saw it.

Most of the other visions or what ever you want to call them have been preventing myself or others from getting hurt, or seeing an impending arguement that goes wrong.

After the first few visions that turned out correct i started trusting them, and if the vision turned out badly, i would change something, to alter the outcome.

To be honest i dont know if what i saw was the future, or one of the possibilites, or what.

But i know to trust what i see.
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