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By Devj
My wife usually doesn't dream that often and even then she hardly ever remembers her dreams. Recently she woke up with a shiver after dreaming a vivid and almost too realistic dream.

It started with her and her family/friends all doing a huge prayer ceremony with Havans (sacred fires). People chanting and praying.

Suddenly a humongous vision of Lord Shiva fills the sky. .... his expression very sad and solemn. ...

Then... he starts breaking apart into mountain sized chunks falling over everyone. .... my wife realises the futility in trying to run. .. and accepts her fate. .... That's when she woke up.

I felt goosebumps when she told me this. My wife is religious but not overly and definitely not an avid worshipper of Lord Shiv..... so the dream was unusual to say the least

Would be interested in knowing your interpretations.

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Dream Dictionary Type: Shiva destruction dream
Dream Posted on: 11/04/12
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Posted on November 4th, 2012:
Hi Orion33,

Thanks for your thoughts.

Reading up about Shiva. He is known the Destroyer, but not of man, but of man's ego and ill-will. But yes, if the cleansing process requires rebirth, then so be it.

I share your thoughts on the state of human society that it needs to really wake up.

It's like the whole world is in a dream state, where consequences don't mean anything.....unfortunately they will....

It will take something truly extraordinary to fundamentally and collectively change the very essence of humanity.

The constant struggle between the good and bad intentions within each of us needs to tip towards the light significantly........but perhaps that's what makes us different....the very ability to choose!

We need to choose wisely, if we are to survive as a species.

It'll be a tragedy of some magnitude if humanity is lost due to its own arrogance and short-comings....we are an amazing miracle in the currently 'known' universe, with untold potential..

Now, I'm not sure if there is a forthcoming apocalypse, but I do know that we are desperately in need for change.

I read somewhere that humanity could be considered a virus....destructive, all consuming, multiplying and vindictive. As a species if someone was looking at the planet as a whole, this analogy might fit. No other species in the history of the planet as been this destructive......BUT on the other hand no other species on the planet has been able to appreciate its beauty and enhance it like we can either.

God only knows what the future will bring....and maybe that's not what's important....I believe the future will bring what the present tells it to.....we should look at what we can do individuals if nothing else....

Simple acts of kindness, compassion, patience, understanding, forgiveness, selflessness and a belief to never harm anyone on the day to day basis, would be the start we need to change

If we all did that, what a wonderful place this would be...truly heaven on Earth.

Then perhaps my wife will dream a different dream....where Shiva is smiling down on us instead
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