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Vivid Recurring Dream (Shot, Hospital Dream)
I've always had very vivid dreams , and can remember then on waking with a pretty amazing amount of detail. I wanted to get what I remember of this dream down, as it's starting to fade a little. I've had this dream a few times, but it had an added twist this time around....I'm sure in 'means' something, but I have no idea what. Well If you know what it means, please let me know! lol

I'm outside a store or something, it's in a parking lot of some kind. There is someone in front of me, more of a silhoutte than a person....I can't tell age, gender, etc. Just a kind of darkish human shaped blob. What I can see is that they're pointing a gun at me. A pistol, black, semi-auto...probably a 9mm or .40 cal. I'm not afraid of it though...probably because I've had a gun pointed at me before (by myself and by someone else). I don't move, but the distance between us someone is stretching a picture of us out.

Then *BANG*....the first bullet hits my abdomen center-right. If you know where your xiphoid process is, about the width of your hand down and right. Just under the rib cage (your liver area). I look down at it, see the blood wetting my shirt and look back in time for...
*BANG*...shot two hits abdomen left left, just up (6-8") from my hip. I look down at the blood again and touch my wounds...I haven't fallen or even really staggered yet, just stunned. This is normally where the dream stops or just off to something else. But not tonite. Tonite
*BANG*...This shot drops me. I spin and hit the ground on my back. The bullet hits my upper left chest...just above and out from my heart. I stare at the wound, blood pumping out.
Things then jump a bad splice or cut in a b-grade just jumps ahead....
I 'wake up' in a hospital. Lke out of a picture. Perfectly sterile, everything in it's place, perfectly neat.'s like looking at it through a light blue filter. It's all tinged a light blue...('cold' if you work in TV/Film/etc). I lay in the bed, I'm covered and cant see my wounds, but feel them. I'm on a ventalator and can't talk or make a noise. I can't move or get up. I just lay there.....
I don't know how long I lay there, but it seems like forever.....then I wake up.

Strange, as I've never been shot the 3rd time before....but I've had this dream for several years on and off. I had it 4-5 months ago last....I wonder what it means?!
Dream Symbols from our Dream Dictionary:9mm | abdomen | added twist | alone | blob | blue filter | gun | heart | hospital | left chest

Dream Dictionary Type: Shot, hospital dream
Dream Posted on: 11/16/12
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