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Gagging On A Snake (Snakes Dream)
I have had dreams about snakes everynight for over a week, and this confuses me because I am not afraid of snakes in the least. The first dream I had involved me swallowing a snake. It climbed down my throat and I could feel it moving in my throat and stomach. I then began gagging and could feel its tail in the back of my mouth. I tried pulling it out but it's head got caught in the back of my throat and it was biting inside of my throat lining, so I let the tail loose and it slithered back down my throat. I remember strangers laughing and telling me that the last person that swallowed a snake died. In my dream, I suddenly found myself at home in my bed, as if I was waking up. In my dream, my spouse walked in the room and I woke up begging him to take me to the hospital and I began throwing up green and silver snake scales. I could get no one to understand or help me in my dream. No one thought the situation was serious. I woke up worried, gagging, and sick feeling. What does this mean? As far as the rest of my snake dreams, there was one where a black tailed snake wiggled around in front of my face in air then curled around me and bit my lower back. The rest of my snake dreams have been non threatning, as I will just see a snake or snakes crawling near me, sometimes the snake heads have been torn off but they are still moving. But I havent felt any fear except during the first dream, I suppose because I'm not afraid of snakes. I've never had dreams of snakes before, and suddenly I'm having them every night. Any idea??
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Dream Dictionary Type: snakes dream
Dream Posted on: 05/24/09
Dream Interpretations: 3 dream interpretations
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Posted on May 24th, 2009:
Well, generally snakes are predominantly a symbol of fear and also a sexual symbol. They say every woman dreams of snakes at least once in her life and the interpretation is often fear of a rival or fear of the male gender. I suggest this may be speaking to you of the fears around sexual expression and fullness that you may have. The serpent stands for physical drives and if something is not quite right in that area of life, the snake dreams can come. Now often by the time the dreams come, it is also signifying healing of this area or the desire to heal and balance this area of life.

Something in you has been oppressed. This could be by outside forces, societal rules or inner oppression of true desire. Something quite important is happening in your subconscious and will eventually give rise to a new dimension within your outer life. I will also say that sometimes the snake images do warn of danger, but mostly of hidden truths coming up for healing and often around sexual energy. The danger warnings are about not heeding the call to heal a particular area and so making the issues "worse" somehow. However, the predominant images do speak of a healing of fear surrounding the sexual expression area of life or fear surrounding men or a male in your life. Ponder on these thoughts and feel if there is any connection with these symbols inside of you.
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Posted on May 24th, 2009:
Your first dream shows that you have swallowed a have believed a lie that has potential to cause you spiritual illness. This lie is of spiritual or religious legalism which could lead to religious/spiritual slavery.
The second dream shows that you are being influcenced by a lie that is of someone biting you in the back/stabbing you in the back.
The other dreams, of the snakes heads, show that there are lies surrounding you but as of yet, have not been able to affect you. The dreams are given BY GOD so you can know to ask Jesus for wisdom and discernment so you can identify both literal and spiritual deceptions that are hindering you in your ability to fullfill your destiny in the Kingdom of Heaven. Ask Him for wisdom, discernment, and strength and courage do take charge and cut ALL of these lies off at the head so as to render them INeffective in your life.
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Posted on May 24th, 2009:
Snakes....having long tails, represent LIES....long/tall tales. Dreams are metaphorical in their meanings. Ask Holy Spirit for revelation about the lies in your life...both those told to you and any that you might be telling or even believing about yourself.
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