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I have never had dreams about snakes before, but early this morning I dreamed that I was at my Aunt Vonda's (the aunt to which I was closest when I was a child) house, which in the dream was in front of a natural pond connected to a creek. The pond was pretty clear so you could see through the water to a certain extent. A lot of my family members were all with me swimming and I was sitting in the water at about 1 foot deep when I looked down to suddenly see this baby water moccasin about 20 inches long swim up into my lap. It startled me so I grabbed it to throw it, and when I did it bit my left hand. I then grabbed it with the right hand and it bit me twice more on the left hand. I continued to try to get it off of me, so I grabbed its tail again and it then twisted around and bit my right hand three times as well. I remember thoughts jutting through my mind of how the babies can be more deadly because they hang on when they bite and more venom gets into the wound. I finally shook it from my hand and ran into my aunt's house, but it didn't look like her real house, although it was in the same location as the first house I remember her living in. (The only difference was that there was a pond in the dream but not in real life at its appearance.) Once I got to her house I told her that I was bitten by the snake and things begin to blur. I remember looking around at her home and thinking how unfamiliar and deprived it seemed. Everything looked like it was dirty, and as of she was poor. She was trying to clean up more than help me with my bites. Suddenly I began to see snakes all over her house, even on the inside. I looked at my hands and noticed that the first bite I sustained on the outside of my little finger on the left hand was so swollen I couldn't bend it, and it was started to spread throughout the rest of the hand. My right hand was starting to swell badly as well. Then some of my male cousins and my brother began looking for a shovel to kill the snakes by cutting their heads off. They began falling in clusters out of the cabinets and I saw them in the corners in the floor.

Suddenly my dream switches pace, and I am going down the freeway at a high rate of speed with others near Atlanta. Someone else is driving and we are racing to get somewhere. Then as if my bites were not dangerous and I was suddenly trying to sell a sports car from my Aunt's front yard (back down south). A young man comes to buy the car, and afterward I am looking at my bites again and notice that the swelling is moving to other places on my hands. After this I see my parents looking at the bites and notice the swelling is starting to subside, even without going to the hospital to receive anti-venom. Then I woke up. Anyone have any idea what this could mean?

After looking into the meanings of snake dreams, I cannot think of any situation that I have been ignoring and to which I need to wake up or pay more attention. I am in the final stages of massive weight loss, with only 35 pounds left to lose after losing over 93 pounds. I have been stuck for a while and have finally gotten back moving. Also, I am about to graduate with my bachelor's degree and my husband is in the final stages of medical retirement from the Army, and I have had some fears about this along the way but recently they subsided. (I don't know why my husband was not in my dream.) Soon we will be moving in with my folks for a month or two to give us time to find a house and a new job for me. I am typically not deathly afraid of snakes, even poisonous ones, as my brother used to have a Burmese python as a teenager, but I know to approach especially poisonous ones with caution. I guess I am more grossed out and afraid of spiders than snakes. How should I interpret this dream given all of this information? Since it bit both my hands rather than just the right as it has been specified in some dream interpretations, what could it mean that I was bitten on both? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, because this dream was so vivid and startling I feel I shouldn't ignore it.
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Dream Posted on: 10/27/12
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