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Mambas And Mallards (Snakes Dream)
I was in my parents' house - where I live anyway. It was a clear moonlit night, and the moon was almost the only object in the sky (though I think there might have been a few stars) The sky was a very deep indigo, rather than black/deep blue. What clouds there were, were a deep magenta/violet, and they appeared to be floating away from the sky, as though they were moving across it on invisible chains (rather like scenery in a theatre).

The whole garden was bathed in light, but it was an artificial type of illumination, such as from a spotlight - or a floodlight - rather than anything natural. In fact, the whole scene didn't look real - it looked too real to be real, if you see what I mean. I can recall flowers in the beds, but the only ones which stuck in my mind were bright orange tulips (odd considering it was summer - see later).

As far as I can recall, the garden looked pretty much as it does now (my folks had building work done in 2010/11, to extend the kitchen, and create a bigger outbuilding (they call it the 'potting shed').

Anyway, I was in the kitchen, which looked pretty much as it does now - though I can't recall where the units, sink, or appliances were - but there's a window stretching 2/3rds of the left wall (left as you're standing with your back to the cooker) from the door to the end of that wall. That was missing, and the computer and desk from the front room was against that wall. I was having a discussion with my father about replacing the hard drive with something larger as he was complaining it was always very slow. Suddenly, from out the back of the machine, 2 snakes appeared - one black, one red. I remember referring to them as 'mambas', although I know they tend to be black (2 subspecies) and green (another 2 subspecies I think). The red snake wasn't a 'red' red, it was more of a dark orangey-red (I guess you'd call it 'brick-red' or 'terracotta', perhaps).

They slithered over to the patio doors (which weren't the ones in the kitchen, they were the ones from the sitting-room, which are sliding (the kitchen doors are standard patio doors, made from stained oak). They entwined, and began slithering up the glass. I know I referred to them as 'mambas' in the dream, but they had 'hoods', so looked more like cobras. I seem to remember they were unusually short for any kind of snake (both mambas and cobras are rather long) and, as they climbed up the window, their jaws were open, and I could see their tongues, which were both black (I must have been standing outside, on the patio, at this point). The only thing I CAN'T really remember is the colour of their eyes. Now snakes' eyes are usually all one colour (usually black), but I can recall these had some white to them, like a human eye; I can't recall whether the rest of the eye was black, yellow (probably) or the opposite colour to the body of the snake (in that the black snake had red eyes, and the red, black). I've a feeling this could be critical to accurate interpretation, which is why I'm trying to remember.

Outside the doors, to the right , as you're standing with your back to them, was a 'pond' (though it looked more like a large puddle, as might be created when a drain overflows (the gutter from the bathroom comes down that wall, and the drain is to that side of the kitchen doors). The 'pond/puddle' had bulrushes growing in it, and several mallards (a female, and several ducklings; but the ducklings were HUGE - they looked more like goslings - or even cygnets)

The lawn was very green, very lush (almost as though it was made from AstroTurf, not real grass) and it felt like a warm summer's night.

I can't really recall much more; I can't recall whether my mother was there (I suspect not), nor can I recall what became of the snakes, nor the ducks.

I NEVER usually remember my dreams, but I've remembered several (I definitely dreamt 3 times last night, but I can only remember 2) and I dreamt 3 times on Saturday night (and I can remember bits of all 3, but not enough for anyone to make any sense of them).

The second one from last night - of which I remember less - I can't really post here, as it involves a character/actress from a British docu-comedy; she was a central character - both in the programme, and my dream - so the dream wouldn't really make much sense to a - primarily American - audience.
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Posted on December 26th, 2012:
The moon has always represented the emotional and feminine self. It is strongly connected with our intuition.

Red and black are colors associated with our root chakra. You may find it helpful to explore this chakra on the internet as you are most likely dealing with issues associated with this chakra.

Snakes often appear in our dreams when we are attempting to come to terms with our instinctive side - recognizing and harnessing energies that have been suppressed.

Very significant dreams.

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